To the Editor:

I would like to make the residents of Grant County aware of a suspicious situation that has been happening for quite sometime. And, it is continuing under conditions which have not allowed the authorities to control, since residents are allowing the person into their homes. Nothing can be done at this point. Here are three scenarios on how this evolves:

1. You receive a knock on your door and someone you may or may not know says, "My cell phone has gone dead and could I please use your phone?"

2. "My vehicle has broken down and could I please use your phone?"

3. You arrive home and find someone in your house and the person uses one of the previous reasons to have used your phone and hoped you do not mind.

These three examples are innocent on the surface. But the next question will be "Could I use your rest room?" This is where the suspicious behavior begins.

The person doing this stays in the restroom for quite some time then thanks you and leaves.

Happening once or twice, you say, "What is the big deal?"

Many residents have been exposed to this, and found it unusual, but failed to report the behavior. Once people began talking about this unusual occurrence they realized they were not the only ones exposed. This has happened in many homes.

When they became aware of just how many times this has happened in homes from Dayville to Prairie City, people began reporting it. What is actually happening is only speculation at this point. However, if you have been, or are exposed to this situation, report it immediately to the Grant County Sheriff's Dept.

Farrell Traughber


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