Hi All,

Well, I have now lost 44lbs. Thanks to my doctor, Lindsey the Magnificent, I have found the key to my weight loss. I need to exercise daily and keep my blood sugar steady and keep my metabolism revving. I do this by swimming one hour everyday and eating six small meals (about 200 cals each) a day. As long as I follow this plan, I lose weight. I also had some nutrient deficiences. We are correcting those with suppliments.

The hardest time for me is when we are traveling. It is hard to eat six times a day. When I am home, though, it is easy. I am also trying to add more exercise during the day to keep my metabolism even higher.

The one thing I am finding is that I had incorrect idea about healthy eating. I am not on a diet. I plan to eat this way the rest of my life. So we are not talking about SlimFast. I eat lots of veggies, some fruit, a good amount of lean protein, and stay completely away from white foods, butter, and mayo. I have found delicious recipes and ways to make food taste excellent without the unhealthy aspects. I focus more on nutrition and portions than I do on calories. I really don't have a problem with wanting the old foods or with cravings, except for peanut butter.

If any of you are having trouble losing, see your doctor. Make them listen. There may be a reason that they can help you with. It really makes a difference.

Well, if this helps anyone, I am glad. Keep pressing on. Even if you don't lose all the weight you want to, you are still making positive changes.:)

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