GRANT COUNTY - Fifty-three cities and eight counties in Eastern Oregon received $123,287 from the Oregon Liquor Control Commission's September distilled spirits revenue allocation.

Grant County, pop. 7,650, received $1,792; Canyon City, $461; Dayville, $110; Granite, $14; John Day, $1,266; Long Creek, $151; Monument, $103; Mt. Vernon, $413; Prairie City, $757; and Seneca, $151.

The agency distributed $8.9 million statewide in September, including $4.6 million to the general fund. Oregon's 239 incorporated cities received $1.7 million, the 36 counties netted $829,799 and city revenue sharing account, $1.2 million. Last month's revenue share was $9.4 million.

OLCC revenue is derived from the sale of distilled spirits in 241 liquor stores, taxes on malt beverages and wine, license fees, and fines for liquor law violations. The money is distributed based on population, with counties receiving 10 percent; cities, 20 percent; state general fund, 56 percent; and city revenue sharing account, 14 percent.

The Oregon Wine Board received $18,461 from a special 2-cent per gallon tax on wine for research and promotion. The OLCC collects privilege taxes of $2.60 for a 31-gallon barrel of malt beverage, 67 cents a gallon for table wine, and 77 cents a gallon for dessert wine.

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