Olympics, Valley View-style

<p>Residents at Valley View Assisted Living in John Day relax after competing in their own Olympics-style events in early August. Back row, from left, Angel Roberts (volunteer), Mary Lambeth, Robin Dahl, Myrtha Fields, Clara Smith, Dorothy Downing, Geri Pasko and Vickie Roberts (volunteer). Front row, from left, Kim Ausland (Valley View activity director), Doris Loudermilk, Joan Metlock, Randy Persinger, Rose Anna King and Mary Ann Osborne.</p>

The 2012 Valley View Olympic Games took place this month. We began our morning with the Olympic theme song, “Bugler’s Dream,” to start off our opening ceremonies. We had several categories of Olympic games starting out with track-and-field exercises; many residents completed the entire trek around the grounds. Then we had several residents compete in the “Wiffle Ball shot put,” and Mary Lambeth won the gold. The “Bean bag toss” competition was a huge success, and Joan Metlock took the Gold. In our equestrian competition, Clara Smith won gold for the “Horseshoe toss! The final competition was the “Tic-tac-toe toss” which was won by Mary Lambeth, our two-time gold medalist!

Eleven residents total made up the Valley View U.S. Olympic team and participated in all of the categories combined. During our awards ceremony each resident received a winner’s medal for participation and a certificate of Olympic Achievement with the national anthem music playing. The gold medal winners received a medal plus $500 in Valley View Bucks (activity participation reward) for each gold medal.

We are very thankful for our local volunteers who helped make our Olympic experience such a success.

Kim Ausland is the activity director at Valley View Assisted Living Facility in John Day.

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