PRAIRIE CITY – Law enforcement has returned to the streets of Prairie City.

Grant County Sheriff’s Dep. Zach Mobley was assigned last July to regular patrol duty in the town, through an arrangement between the city and the Sheriff’s Office.

Mobley became a reserve deputy in Grant County last November, and went full time in June. His prior law enforcement experience was as a reserve deputy for the City of Aurora in Marion County, and four years as a sergeant in the police department for the Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs.

His wife, Abbie, works at the Grant County Justice Center. The couple live in Canyon City and are expecting their first child in December.

Mobley noted that his wife grew up in this area, and one of the reasons they moved back here was to be closer to family. 

In his off time, Mobley enjoys fishing and hunting, “the typical kinds of Grant County activities,” he said.

Undersheriff Todd McKinley said the arrangement, nearing the end of its six-month trial period, seems to be working well, both for the Sheriff’s Office and the City of Prairie City.

“So far, so good,” McKinley said. “They (Prairie City) seem to be satisfied, and so are we.”

McKinley said both sides will re-enter negotiations by the end of the year, when the six-month period is over. If everyone is agreeable, Mobley’s assignment in Prairie City will be extended for another two years. 

That suits Mobley just fine.

He said he likes his job and likes living here, too.

“Things are a lot more laid back here in Grant County,” he said.

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