CENTRAL ZONE FISHINGCOLUMBIA RIVER from BONNEVILLE RESERVOIR to JOHN DAY DAM: Retention for sturgeon opened January 1 in Bonneville and The Dalles reservoirs. Anglers are encouraged to read the 2006 fishing regulation changes on this website for updated sturgeon regulations and seasons.

DESCHUTES RIVER (Lake Billy Chinook to Benham Falls): This reach of river provides opportunity for brown trout and redband trout. There are no recent reports from anglers who have fished the river recently.

OCHOCO RESERVOIR: Opportunities for 10-16 inch rainbow trout are good. Boat ramp may not be operational due to ice.

PRINEVILLE RESERVOIR: Opportunities for 12-16 inch rainbow trout are fair to good. No recent reports.


COUGAR: Hunters should look for concentrations of wintering deer as cougars will likely be near. Areas to consider include: Bear and Sanford Creeks (Maury Unit); Sunflower and Bridge Creeks (Ochoco Unit); McKay, Mill and Trout Creeks (Grizzly Unit).

COYOTE: Lower elevation winter ranges where deer and antelope are concentrated are opportune areas for coyotes. These areas include private land where hunters will need permission for access.


COUGAR: Hunters are encouraged to have a cougar tag in their possession. Although no cougars were taken during deer season, cougars are widely scattered throughout the district.

SOUTHEAST ZONE FISHINGMALHEUR RESERVOIR: The reservoir was not stocked this year. Water level is still very low.

MALHEUR RIVER (Warm Springs Reservoir downstream to South Fork Malheur River): No water is being released from Warm Springs Reservoir as of Feb. 13. Fishing is poor.

MALHEUR RIVER (South Fork Malheur River near Riverside, and mainstem downstream to Gold Creek): No water was being released from Warm Springs or Beulah reservoirs as of Feb. 13. Flow in this section is a result of runoff down the South Fork Malheur River. No flow data was available for this report. Angling is poor.

NORTH MALHEUR BLM STOCK PONDS: Ice conditions at the ponds are unknown, but expected to be very thin at best. Trout angling is slow.

OWYHEE RESERVOIR: The reservoir was 80 percent full on Feb. 13. All boat ramps are in the water. Angling for bass and small crappie is slow.

OWYHEE RIVER (Lower): Water releases below Owyhee Dam dropped to 1,543 cfs as of Feb. 13. Anglers need to use caution when fishing the river. Flows will vary with expected inflow. Wading may continue to be dangerous for the next few weeks. The river is green. Angling for rainbows and browns is slow.

OWYHEE RIVER (Upper): Flow at Rome was 801 cfs Feb. 13. Angling for smallmouth and channel catfish is slow.

SNAKE RIVER: Flow was 13,771 cfs near Nyssa and 17,904 cfs near Weiser. Angling for catfish and smallmouth bass is slow.

UNITY RESERVOIR: Ice fishing for trout has been good. The reservoir has been rising, which can make ice on the edges of the reservoir unstable. Use caution. Water levels are at 47 percent.


GRANDE RONDE RIVER (UPPER): Some fish may be moving into Upper Grande Ronde River soon. Best fishing is still near Rondowa and at Minam.

GRANDE RONDE RIVER (LOWER): Grande Ronde River flows have declined to around 1,800 cfs and steelhead angling success has been very good. Steelhead anglers averaged one fish for every two hours of fishing last week. Cold weather forecast for this week is likely to decrease angler participation and success. Expect good fishing when warmer weather returns.

LADD POND: 16-18 inch fish over wintered in the pond on Peach Road.

UMATILLA RIVER: Relatively low numbers of steelhead have been returning to Three Mile Dam. Flows are in the 400 cfs range. With forecasted dry conditions, the river will continue to recede. Angling was good over the past week with a catch rate of 5.2 hours per fish. Fish are being caught throughout the river. Anglers should keep an eye on flows as best fishing conditions are when the river is between 400 and 800 cfs. Anglers can check Umatilla River flows at the following web site: http://www.usbr.gov/pn/hydromet/.

WALLOWA RIVER: Steelhead angling success has been good. Catch rates averaged five hours per fish last week. Recent cold weather has decreased angler success. We expect good fishing when warmer weather returns.


COUGAR: Hunters wanting to locate a cougar should utilize fresh snow for tracking and target areas of concentrated mule deer. Cougar can also be hunted using remote predator calls or glassing open slopes in morning or evening. Harvested cougars are required to be checked into an ODFW field office within 10 days of the hunt.

COYOTE: Coyote hunters have been fairly successful using predator calls and locating tracks in fresh snow.


COUGAR: Cougar densities are higher in the northern areas of the Umatilla District with Walla Walla and Mt. Emily being good prospects for success. However, Ukiah Unit cougar densities have been on the increase and should provide some quality hunting as well. Hunters are enjoying the most success using predator calls, sitting on a kill previously made by a cougar, or by putting up tree stands in natural crossing areas for cougars. Most sport harvest occurs as a result of incidental sightings during deer and elk rifle seasons. Hunters are reminded to check all harvested cougars in to an ODFW office within 72 hours of the animal being taken.

elevations this time of year.

SNAKE RIVER ZONE FISHINGBROWNLEE RESERVOIR: Generally fishing has been poor lately due to fluctuating water levels and cool, turbid water entering into Brownlee, but trout fishing below the dams has been good. Also, perch have been taken at Hewitt park on worms. Water levels are 31 feet below full and dropping. Call Idaho Power Company's recording at 1-800-422-3143 to get information on access at recreational sites or visit www.idahopower.com under the "Rivers and Recreation" heading. For reservoir level information, visit http://www.nwd-wc.usace.army.mil/perl/dataquery.pl?k=brownlee.

OXBOW RESERVOIR: Trout fishing has been good, especially below the dams.

HELLS CANYON RESERVOIR: Trout fishing has been good below all dams. Steelhead fishing is good below Hells Canyon Dam. Other fishing has been poor. Approximately 1,000 hatchery steelhead have been released into the reservoir for angling. These steelhead are considered trout in the regulations for Hell's Canyon Reservoir and above, and anglers may take one per day.

COLUMBIA RIVER ZONE FISHINGConsult the 2006 Oregon Sport Fishing Regulation pamphlet for further information regarding the Columbia River Zone.

JOHN DAY DAM UPSTREAM TO MCNARY DAM: Effective Jan 1, the John Day pool is open to the retention of sturgeon seven days per week. The daily bag limit is one fish between 48 and 60 inches in length and the annual limit is five fish. The catch guideline for the John Day pool will be announced in early 2006.

In the lower Columbia River this past weekend, sturgeon angler success was fair.

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