Commission considers new directorSALEM - The Oregon Fish and Wildlife Commission will meet Thursday, July 6, at ODFW's Salem Headquarters, 3406 Cherry Ave NE and Friday, July 7, at the McMinnville Community Center, 600 N. Evans Street.

-Thursday's meeting begins at 1 p.m. The commission will go immediately into an executive session, as permitted by law, to discuss the two finalists for the ODFW director position under consideration, ODFW Interim Director Roy Elicker and Idaho Department of Fish and Game Fisheries Chief Virgil Moore.

Following the executive session, the Commission will convene a public meeting to make a decision on the appointment of a director.

-Both Elicker and Moore were publicly interviewed during the June 8 Commission meeting. There will not be public testimony regarding the director selection.

Friday's meeting begins at 8 a.m. and proceeds chronologically through an agenda available on ODFW's Web site:

-During the meeting, the commission is expected to consider several new regulations, including proposed gear and harvest modifications for razor clamming designed to reduce wastage, and suspension of a lottery that issues unused commercial troll salmon vessel permits for an additional year in light of poor fishery conditions.

-The commission is also likely to set 2006-2008 season furbearer trapping and hunting regulations, and approve funding for several proposed fish restoration and enhancement projects.

-Though no action is expected, the commission will be briefed by ODFW staff on updated plans for ODFW-managed wildlife areas Ken Denman, Phillip W. Schneider and Elkhorn. Staff also will review the final draft of the 2005 Oregon Native Fish Status Report and receive an annual progress report from the Salmon and Trout Enhancement Program Advisory Committee.

Steens open to Fish Lake CampgroundBURNS - The lower portion of the Steens Mountain Loop Road, north from Page Springs Campground, has been opened, affording visitor access to fishing, hiking, and overnight camping up to Fish Lake Campground.

Although maintenance has been completed on major roads, wet and muddy conditions still exist, especially on secondary roads and across country.

Deep snowdrifts exist in the higher elevations as well. Visitors are encouraged to restrict their travels to clear, open, maintained primary routes and avoid use of most or all side roads until conditions improve.

The southern portion of the Steens Mountain Loop Road from Black Canyon to Big Indian Overlook was opened in May. The remaining portion of the Loop Road, from Fish Lake to Big Indian, will be opened as soon as additional snow melts and road conditions allow for vehicular travel.

South Steens and Fish Lake Campgrounds are open and in full service, with fees of $6 and $8 per vehicle per night, respectively.

Info: Burns District Office at 541-573-4400, weekdays between 7:45 a.m. and 4:30 p.m.

Smith, Wyden secure funds for ColumbiaWSHINGTON - Last week, Senators Gordon H. Smith (R-OR) and Ron Wyden (D-OR) announced that the Senate Energy and Water Appropriations Subcommittee passed its annual spending bill, which includes $15 million to continue dredging the Columbia River Channel.

-"Channel deepening is absolutely essential to keepingOregon producers and manufacturers competitive around the world," Smith said. "

Last year, Smith and Wyden also secured $15 million in the Fiscal Year 2006 Appropriations Bill.- That funding will allow the dredging to proceed to river mile 56.- If signed into law, the $15 million approved last week would allow channel deepening to reach an area near Ranier, Ore., and Longview, Wash.

Central ZoneFishing

ANTELOPE FLAT RESERVOIR: Opportunities for carryover rainbow trout from 10-18 inches are good; however anglers are reporting mixed success.

BIG LAVA LAKE: Angler success has picked up. Anglers fishing the bottom with powerbait or worms are having success along with those anglers trolling lures and fly anglers. Angling prospects for the weekend and 4th of July are good. The fish being caught are in excellent condition.

CLEAR LAKE: Clear Lake, located about 20 miles west of Maupin, has been stocked with keeper trout and should offer good angling opportunity.

COLUMBIA RIVER FROM BONNEVILLE RESERVOIR TO JOHN DAY DAM: Retention of sturgeon is open in the Bonneville Reservoir until the quota is reached. However, retention of sturgeon is closed in The Dalles Reservoir. Anglers are encouraged to read the 2006 fishing regulation changes on this website for updated sturgeon regulations and seasons.

Bass fishing has been good in the main Columbia and backwaters. Anglers are reporting good catch rates of nice bass in shallow water with artificial baits of various types.

CRANE PRAIRIE RESERVOIR: Weekend anglers had limited success for both large mouth bass and rainbow trout. This is not to say that one can't have a good day a Crane Prairie. If one is willing to make the effort the rewards of fishing Crane Prairie can be great. The rainbow trout in Crane Prairie are second to none with additional opportunity for brook trout and largemouth bass.

CRESCENT LAKE: Anglers are still seeing good kokanee action, fair brown trout activity and fair lake trout catches. Kokanee are in excellent condition and are up to 15 inches in size with reports of fish up to 20 inches being caught.

CROOKED RIVER BELOW BOWMAN DAM: Opportunities for 8-16 inch rainbow trout and whitefish are fair. Recent surveys indicate trout numbers are down from past years, but a number of nice trout are still available.

CULTUS LAKE: Fair reports from anglers targeting lake trout along with a few good reports from those anglers chasing after rainbow trout.

DAVIS LAKE: No report. Please note that Davis Lake is restricted to fly angling with barbless hooks.

DESCHUTES RIVER: High water on the Deschutes has made trout fishing a little more challenging. Anglers are catching some whitefish and rainbows. Dry fly fishing has been slow; anglers should look at using nymphing tactics in the slow water areas.

DESCHUTES RIVER (Lake Billy Chinook to Benham Falls): Some fair reports of success for brown trout in the reach below Steelhead Falls and in the reach below Benham Falls.

DESCHUTES RIVER (Benham Falls to Wickiup Reservoir): Reports of fair success for both rainbow trout and brown trout.

DESCHUTES RIVER (Crane Prairie to Little Lava Lake): Angling has picked up with good reports from have anglers who are catching and releasing good numbers of small sized rainbow trout and fair numbers of brook trout. Please note that this section of river is catch and release only for rainbow trout.

EAST LAKE: Reports of some pretty good fishing by anglers using all gear types. Anglers have reported catching brown trout, kokanee, Atlantic salmon and rainbow trout.

ELK LAKE: Anglers are reporting some success for brook trout.

FALL RIVER: Success of anglers has been varied depending on the individual and the hour. A number of anglers working the upper and lower river had good success while other anglers found things a tad more challenging. Fall River presents a great fly angling experience.

FROG LAKE: Frog Lake, located about 20 miles west of Maupin, has recently been stocked with keeper trout and should offer good angling opportunity.

HAYSTACK RESERVOIR: Rainbow and brown trout 10-18 inches are available. Kokanee, largemouth bass, black crappie and brown bullhead are also available. No recent reports.

HOOD RIVER: Some bright summer steelhead are entering the lower river. Visibility is good this week and anglers are reporting catch of a few bright summer steelhead.

HOSMER LAKE: Anglers are reporting that the Atlantic salmon are still turning up their noses at the anglers offerings; though a few brook trout of notable size have been caught.

KINGSLEY RESERVOIR: Kingsley Reservoir, located west of Hood River, has recently been stocked with keeper and trophy trout and should offer good angling opportunity.

LAKE BILLY CHINOOK: No recent reports. Opportunities for kokanee are fair to good with most fish averaging 11-13 inches. Anglers are reminded harvest is limited to one bull trout over 24"and a Tribal angling permit is required in the Metolius Arm. Please consult 2006 Sport Fishing Regulations.

LAKE SIMTUSTUS: Opportunities for 8-14 inch rainbow trout are good. Kokanee up to 15 inches are also available with most successful anglers fishing the upper end of the reservoir near Round Butte Dam. Simtustus was stocked earlier this month with legal sized rainbow trout.

LAURANCE LAKE: Laurance Lake, located near Parkdale, has recently been stocked with keeper trout and should offer good angling opportunity.

LITTLE LAVA LAKE: Most anglers are reporting good catches though there was one report from an angler who had a slow day in terms of fish activity on the lake.

METOLIUS RIVER: Anglers are reporting that the Green Drake hatch is slowing though a few are still coming off the water later in the day. Fish are reportedly feeding on emergers towards dusk.

NORTH TWIN LAKE: Anglers are having fair success.

OCHOCO RESERVOIR: Opportunities for 12-18 inch rainbow trout are good. Both boat and bank anglers should have success with bait and lures. Crappie up to 12 inches are also available.

ODELL LAKE: The anglers fishing Odell are still reportedly happy with their daily catches. Anglers are moving away from jigging more into the trolling mode as fish are being found deeper in the lake. Angler success has fair to good with anglers having good success at daylight and fair success later in the morning. The kokanee are in excellent condition. Bull trout are federally listed as threatened and their numbers are extremely low in Odell Lake. Targeted angling for bull trout is not allowed and any incidentally caught bull trout must be released unharmed. Angling is closed within 200 feet of the mouth of Odell Creek to protect bull trout. Do not remove fish from water when releasing. Anglers should consult the 2006 Oregon Sport Fishing regulations on how to release fish unharmed.

PAULINA LAKE: Kokanee activity is has picked and anglers are seeing good success. Rainbow trout catches are also reported to be good with brown trout catches still on the slow side.

PINE HOLLOW: Pine Hollow Reservoir, located near Wamic, has recently been stocked with keeper trout and should offer good angling opportunity.

PRINEVILLE RESERVOIR: Opportunities for 12-16 inch rainbow trout are fair to good. Black crappie and bass opportunities are also available.

ROCK CREEK RESERVOIR: Rock Creek Reservoir, located near Wamic, has recently been stocked with keeper and trophy trout and should offer good angling opportunity.

SOUTH TWIN: Anglers on South Twin are having fair to good success. South Twin provides nice shorelines for both kids and adults alike to fish from. Boat launching is available, however, motors are prohibited.

SUTTLE LAKE: Reports of fair to good success for kokanee though the fish are tending to be a little smaller than previous years.

THREE CREEKS LAKE: Three Creeks Lake is now accessible though there are no reports on angler success at this time.

WALTON LAKE: Opportunities for 8-14 inch rainbow trout are very good. Walton will be stocked with both 8-9 inch and 12-14 inch rainbow trout this week.

WICKIUP RESERVOIR: Anglers are having good success for kokanee and brown trout.


Ochoco District

GROUND SQUIRRELS: Squirrels and rock chucks are active but will be difficult to hunt with the amount of ground vegetation present. Best opportunities will be on private agricultural lands where permission from landowners is needed.


ANA RESERVOIR: Catch rates for hybrid bass has been fair. Anglers report catching legal size bass throughout the reservoir. Some fish have been over 10 lbs. Trout fishing has been fair. The few fish being caught are nice sized individuals.

ANA RIVER: Fishing has been good for rainbow trout in the river. Excellent fly-fishing opportunities are available both for dry fly and nymph fishing. Check weather prior to fishing due to winter road conditions.

ANTHONY LAKE: Should be good for brook trout and rainbow. Will be stocked with legal rainbows the week of June 26.

BALM CREEK RESERVOIR: The road to the reservoir is open. Should be good fishing for rainbow trout.

BEULAH RESERVOIR: The reservoir was 87 percent full on June 25. Inflows are currently 155 cfs. The reservoir is slowly clearing, but fishing continues to be slow.

BIG ROCK RESERVOIR: Angling success has been high for legal size trout. Road conditions have improved with dry weather.

BLITZEN RIVER: Flows are dropping and angling should be fair to good for redband trout. Flow was 202 cfs June 26. Flow fluctuated from approximately 170 to 240 cfs over the past week. Nymph or spinner fishing should bring the most success. Special regulations are in effect. Artificial flies and lures only. Catch and release for trout from November 1 through May 26. Two fish bag limit from May 27 through October 31.

BULLY CREEK RESERVOIR: The reservoir was 95 percent full on June 25, and the boat ramp is accessible. The reservoir is clearing up. Angling for warmwater fish is slow.

BURNS POND: Fair angling for rainbow trout. Bass angling should be good with warmer water.

BURNT RIVER: Legal rainbow were stocked week of May 29 in the South Fork Burnt River

CHICKAHOMINY RESERVOIR: Fair angling for rainbow trout. Anglers are catching 14 to 18 inch rainbow trout. Fly anglers and trollers have had the most success, but bait anglers are also catching fish.

COTTONWOOD RESERVOIR: Angling success has been fair. Remember special regulation, 2 trout per day.

DELINTMENT LAKE: Fair angling for 8-12 inch rainbow trout. The lake has been stocked with both legal-size rainbow trout and fingerling rainbow trout. Unfortunately, there may be few holdover fish from last year. Heavy snowpack and ice cover through the winter caused low oxygen conditions and a fish die off.

EAGLE CREEK: Will be stocked with rainbows the week of June 26.

FISH LAKE (Steens Mountain): The loop road opened last week. No angling report, but angling should be good for both rainbow and brook trout.

FISH LAKE (Steens Mountain): The loop road is still closed because of snow.

FOURMILE LAKE: Angling for rainbow, and Kokanee has been fair. Lake trout angling has been slow.

GERBER RESERVOIR: Boat ramps are accessible. Angling for crappie and warmwater fish has been good. The Reservoir is full so look for crappie in the shallow around flooded vegetation.

GRANDE RONDE LAKE: Should be good for brook trout and rainbow. Will be stocked with legal rainbows the week of June 26.

HAINES POND: Was stocked this spring with rainbows. Early morning fishing is best.

HIGGINS RESERVOIR: It should provide fair angling for 10 to 18-inch rainbow trout. Higgins Reservoir is located on private land, and the landowner allows public access for angling but has limited it to walking access only. There is a gate approximately mile from the reservoir.

HWY 203 POND: Was stocked several times throughout the spring with trophy and legal rainbow trout. Fishing is good especially early mornings.

JUNIPER LAKE: The lake was dry for the last few years, but it has a substantial amount of water this year. The lake was stocked with fingerling cutthroat trout this spring.

KLAMATH AND AGENCY LAKES: Angling is fair for large redband trout for bank and boat anglers.

KLAMATH RIVER: Keno reach is currently closed to angling and re-opens October 1. Boyle Dam downstream to Oregon /California border-Angling for native redband trout has been good.

KRUMBO RESERVOIR: No recent angling report. In the past few weeks, anglers have had fair to good angling for rainbow trout from 10 to over 20 inches. Fly anglers had the best success using leech, damselfly, or midge imitations fished slowly. Bait anglers have had fair success, and spin anglers caught trout using spoons and spinners.

LAKE OF THE WOODS: Angling for rainbow trout, yellow perch and Kokanee has been good. Bass angling has been fair.

LITTLE HEART LAKE: Kokanee and hatchery rainbow trout are available for harvest in the reservoir. Fishing should improve with warmer weather.

LOFTON RESERVOIR: Fishing has been slow for legal sized trout.

LONG CREEK RESERVOIR: Fishing should be good for rainbow trout.

LOST RIVER: Angling has been fair for warm water game fish (largemouth bass, yellow perch, crappie, bluegill, pumpkinseed sunfish, and Sacramento perch).

MALHEUR RESERVOIR: The reservoir is full. The reservoir was stocked on May 23 with legal sized and on May 25 with fingerling sized rainbow trout. Boat angling is fair and bank angling is slow.

MALHEUR RIVER (Warm Springs Reservoir downstream to South Fork Malheur River): Angling below the dam is slow. Approximately 485 cfs was being released from the Warm Springs Reservoir on June 25.

MALHEUR RIVER (South Fork Malheur River near Riverside, downstream to Gold Creek): Flow in this section is a result of runoff down the South Fork Malheur River and releases from the dams. Approximately 485 cfs was being released from Warm Springs Reservoir and 361 cfs was being released from Beulah reservoir as of June 25. This section of the river was stocked with fingerling rainbow trout in mid May, 2006. Fishing should begin to improve in mid summer.

MALHEUR RIVER, NORTH FORK: Access to the upper river is probably open. Flows are still high. Trout angling is slow. Remember to release bull trout. Angling is restricted to artificial flies and lures upstream of Beulah Reservoir.

MALHEUR RIVER, MIDDLE FORK: Access to the upper river is probably open. Flows are still high. Trout angling is slow. Remember to release bull trout. Angling is restricted to artificial flies and lures upstream of Bluebucket Creek.

MALHEUR RESERVOIR: The reservoir is full. No recent angling report.

MANN LAKE: Slow angling for cutthroat trout. Special regulations are in effect. Two trout per day, 16 inch minimum length. Restricted to artificial flies and lures.

MILLER LAKE: Angling for Brown and rainbow trout has been fair.

MOON RESERVOIR: No angling report for trout, but angling has been fair for largemouth bass.

NORTH MALHEUR BLM STOCK PONDS: Roads are dry and drivable. Some of the roads still may be washed out, so anglers need to be cautious. Trout angling is fair to good.

NORTH POWDER POND #1 and #2: Both ponds were stocked with rainbows this spring. Fishing is best in early morning.

OWYHEE RESERVOIR: Inflows have begun to drop. The reservoir was 95 percent full June 25. The whole reservoir is turbid. All boat ramps are in the water. Angling for 8-9 inch crappie is good, but bass fishing is slow.

OWYHEE RIVER (Lower): Flows below the dam have dropped to near normal levels. Discharge below the dam was about 278 cfs on June 25 and still turbid. Angling for rainbows and browns is fair.

OWYHEE RIVER (Upper): Flows continue to slowly decrease. Discharge at the Rome Gage was 370 cfs on June 25. Angling for smallmouth and channel catfish is improving.

PHILLIPS RESERVOIR: Will be re-stocked with an additional 5,000 legal rainbows the week of June 26. The reservoir is full. Also, the Union Creek campground on the reservoir is open.

PILCHER RESERVOIR: Angling for rainbow and crappie has been slow. The crappie are there but are not biting, possibly due to the cooler weather. The reservoir is full.

PINE CREEK: Open for trout fishing upstream of Oxbow bridge in Baker County. Will be stocked with legal rainbows the week of June 19. Fishing is usually good near Cornucopia.

POLE CREEK RESERVOIR: The reservoir is full. The reservoir was stocked on May 23 with legal sized and on May 25 with fingerling sized rainbow trout. Angling is slow.

POWDER RIVER: Open upstream from Huntington-Richland Road Bridge. Use of bait allowed. Will be re-stocked with legal rainbows week of June 12 below Mason Dam.

SHERLOCK GULCH RESERVOIR: Fishing has been good for legal sized trout. Check road conditions prior to traveling to reservoir.

SNAKE RIVER: Flow was 7,071 cfs near Nyssa and 13,136 cfs near Weiser on June 25. The river is turbid. Angling for catfish and smallmouth bass is slow.

SOUTH MALHEUR BLM STOCK PONDS: Roads are dry and drivable. Some of the roads still may be washed out, so anglers need to be cautious. Trout angling is fair to good.

SPAULDING RESERVOIR: Fishing has been fair for legal sized trout.

SPRAGUE RIVER: River flows are very high making angling difficult.

SYCAN RIVER: Flows on the Sycan is very high.

THIEF VALLEY RESERVOIR: The reservoir is full. It was drained last year so fishing will be fair. Some reports of trout being caught, especially near the input of the Powder River. Was stocked with fingerlings this spring.

TOPSY RESERVOIR: Angling for Warmwater fish (largemouth bass, crappie, brown bullhead and pumpkinseed) is fair.

TWIN LAKES (Halfway): Road closed due to snow. Will likely open in late June.

LOWER WILLIAMSON RIVER: Angling is slow due to high flows.

UPPER WILLIAMSON RIVER: Angling is good for wild Redband trout.

UNITY RESERVOIR: Bass fishing has been fair. Trout fishing has been spotty. The reservoir is full.

WARM SPRINGS RESERVOIR: The reservoir was 94 percent full June 25. The boat ramp is accessible. Fishing for 6-inch perch is good.

WARNER LAKES: Extremely high streamflow into Crump Lake has kept water temperatures in all Warner Lake relatively low. Fishing for warmwater species should improve with warm weather conditions. Recent sampling shows high abundances of white and black crappie in the 8-10 in. range with some fish up to 15 in.

WILLOW VALLEY RESERVOIR: The reservoir is at full pool. Angling for warmwater fish has been good. Launching large boats is difficult.

WOLF CREEK RESERVOIR: Fishing has been good for rainbow trout. The reservoir is full.

WOOD RIVER: Angling is slow due to high water.

YELLOWJACKET LAKE: Fair angling for 12 to 16 inch rainbow trout. Anglers have had success using bait, lures, or flies.


Viewing opportunities remain good. Breeding season activities are well underway for all summer resident species. Fall migration is beginning to occur.

Canada geese have completed nesting and some broods are becoming flight capable. The molt is underway for many of the adults. Although brooding and molting geese can sometimes be observed, most have moved to larger ponds where disturbance is minimal and detection difficult.

Breeding ducks are widely scattered throughout the Area's wetlands with a majority on nests or rearing broods now. Gadwall hatching is beginning to occur and will intensify in the next few weeks. Early nesting species such as mallard and cinnamon teal are hatching in good numbers and broods are becoming more apparent. Considerable nesting activity continues as many hens are renesting following earlier lost attempts.

Large bachelor groups of drakes for most species are forming now.

Other waterbirds are nesting at this time as well. Eared, pied-billed and Western grebe are constructing nests now, some are rearing young. Gulls (California and ring-billed) can be observed scattered throughout the Area in good numbers as are double-crested cormorants and white pelicans. A recent survey detected the failure of colonial nesting gulls probably due to adverse weather events.

Caspian and Forster's terns can be found actively foraging over ponds in canals.

Sandhill crane nest have hatched and brood rearing is underway. Pairs are secretive now and very difficult to observe but can sometimes be heard calling in the early morning hours. Newly hatched colts (sandhill crane chicks) continued to be observed. Non-breeding sub adults can be found in small groups along the lakeshore of Summer Lake and in farmed fields and meadow areas.

Shorebird nesting continues for all 9 species commonly breeding on the Area.

Watch carefully around road and pond edges as well as in sparse or short vegetation for newly hatched chicks or nests. Viewers are urged to use caution when driving or parking to avoid disturbing nests when adult birds are nearby. Nests can sometimes be located on the edge of road shoulders.

A recent survey of snowy plovers found 191 birds on the Area and several broods were observed. The E. Link Unit affords good looks at snowy plovers.

Post breeding staging by long-billed curlews and western willets is occurring lakeshore of Summer Lake, they can be found in large numbers there.

American avocets are staging in good number along the shore of Summer Lake, viewed easily from Hwy. 31.

Southward migration of shorebirds is beginning to occur with non or failed breeders beginning to arrive. Last week Western and least sandpiper were reported.

The Bypass and E. Link Units continue to provide very good shorebird viewing opportunities.

Viewers and other Area visitors are reminded to keep pets in close control since nesting is under way for all bird species. It is unlawful to let dogs run at large in game bird nesting habitat!

Resident raptors are scattered throughout the Area as well as on private lands along Highway 31.

Northern harriers are especially numerous over marsh and hay meadow areas. Breeding season is well underway for this ground nesting raptor and fledglings should be observed in the near future.

The Osprey pair has occupied the nest platform at Ana Reservoir and brooding rearing is underway.

Falcons (both peregrine and prairie), bald and golden eagles can sometimes be seen during this time of the year.

Great-horned owls at the River Ranch Barn have fledged and can sometimes be viewed roosting inside the structure.

Passerine species remain fairly common around the Headquarters Complex, Summer Lake Rest Area, homestead sites and shelterbreak plantings at the north end of the Area where they are attracted to the tree and shrub cover found at those locations. Many species and good numbers of songbirds are present.

Black-headed grosbeaks, Bullock's oriole, flycatchers, warblers, and warbling vireos are commonly observed now. A least flycatcher has been occupying the Headquarters orchard site for several weeks now.

Swallows (5 species on the Area) can founds in good numbers throughout the marsh. Cliff swallows are very active in nest construction along the eaves of buildings on the Headquarters Complex and at the Schoolhouse Lake Viewing blind.

Wetland habitat conditions remain excellent with extensive flooding and generally high water levels in most units. Emergent bulrushes, cattails and other sedges and rushes is excellent.

Summer Lake proper remains near full with flooded conditions up close to the edge of vegetation along the west and south shores. Recent warm to hot temperatures has increased evapotranspiration dramatically and mudflat habitat is expanding as the lake recedes.

Upland sites are in very good condition, with considerable new growth providing abundant seeds and new cover for nesting birds. Trees and shrubs are well leafed out and many are producing fruit and seeds now. Green-up is very extensive across the valley floor due to warm and sunny weather and with the advent of irrigation season. This green-up is providing abundant forbs and new vegetative growth. Invertebrates are becoming very active with large swarms of midges being common throughout the marsh. Mosquitoes are just beginning to emerge.

Flood irrigation in the Summer Lake Valley is being curtailed and hay meadows are being dried in preparation for haying. Irrigated pastures continue to provide considerable high quality seasonal wetland habitat to a wide variety of resident bird species as these grazed areas are flooded.

On the Wildlife Area, increased flows are rerouted to maintain permanent and semi-permanent ponded areas. Seasonally flooded marshes and units continue to recede and provide excellent foraging opportunities for many bird species.

The wildlife viewing loop is open and will remain that way into early fall. Major dike roads (Bullgate, Windbreak and Work Road) were closed to motor vehicle travel on March 15, 2006 to reduce disturbance to migrant and nesting waterfowl. The major dikes will open once again on August 15, 2006. Other minor dike roads and trails are also closed to motor vehicles, and cross country travel by motor vehicles or ATV's is prohibited.

Non-motorized access and viewing opportunities are available throughout the entire Wildlife Area at this time.

Camping is permitted at four sites on the wildlife area.

For additional information on viewing opportunities please contact the Wildlife Area at phone (541) 943-3152, fax (541) 943-3204, or email at


CUTSFORTH POND: The pond has been stocked with legal-sized and trophy-sized trout.

HONEYMOON AND TEEPEE PONDS: Have been stocked with legal and trophy rainbow. Fishing is good.

IMNAHA RIVER: Flows remain high with snow melt; fishing success will improve as flows drop.

LADD POND: Was stocked several times this spring with legal and trophy trout.

MARR POND: Has been stocked with legal and trophy rainbow. Fishing is good.

MCKAY RESERVOIR: The reservoir is full. Fishing for crappie has been spotty due to lower fish numbers resulting from last years draw down. The best angling has been in the evenings after sunset.

MCNARY, HAT ROCK AND TATONE PONDS: These ponds have all been stocked with legal-sized trout. Angling success will decline as water temperatures increase.

MORGAN LAKE: Morgan Lake was stocked several times this spring with legal and trophy rainbow trout. Fishing has been good.

PENLAND LAKE: No reports available, but fishing should be good for 8-12 inch rainbow trout.

ROULET POND: Was stocked several times this spring with legal and trophy trout.

SALT CREEK SUMMIT AND MCGRAW PONDS: Have been stocked with legal and trophy rainbow. Fishing is good.

UMATILLA RIVER: The spring Chinook season is open through June 30th from Three Mile Dam upstream to the Umatilla Indian Reservation boundary located upstream of the Highway 11 Bridge at Pendleton. Fishing is slow as the fish have moved upstream of the fishery area. Fish trapped at Three Mile Dam are being hauled upstream of the fishery area. When river flows in Pendleton drop below 250 cfs, fish are hauled upstream above the fishery to insure that fish are able to make it to the spawning grounds.

UMATILLA FOREST PONDS: All ponds north of Ukiah and along the summit road have been stocked and fishing is good. However, warm water temperatures will slow down the bite. For more information contact Tim Bailey, District Fish Biologist, at 541-276-2344.

VICTOR POND: Has been stocked with legal and trophy rainbow. Fishing is good.

WALLOWA LAKE: Lake has been stocked and angling is fair for hold-over and stocked rainbows. Kokanee fishing is good for fish up to 12 inches. Kokanee are schooled at about 25 -50 feet. Best success has occurred in the evening.

WALLOWA RIVER: The Wallowa River and its snow fed tributaries are running high; fishing will improve as flows drop.

WALLOWA WILDLIFE AREA POND: Has been stocked with legal and trophy rainbow. Fishing is good.

WILLOW CREEK: The creek has been stocked with legal-sized rainbow trout downstream of Willow Creek Reservoir.

WESTON POND: The pond has been stocked and fishing should be good.

HUNTINGBaker District

COYOTE: Fresh early morning tracks and the right wind can make for a successful calling situation. Be sure to ask permission if hunting on private property.


COYOTE: Good numbers of coyotes can be found throughout Wallowa County. Calling is most successful in areas of reduced human activity.

VIEWINGLADD MARSH WILDLIFE AREA: Many areas of Ladd Marsh are closed in the summer to protect nesting birds and other wildlife. However several areas are open for the public to enjoy. These areas include the nature trail just east of Interstate 84, the area west of foothill road on Glass Hill, the Peach Road Fishing Pond and the recently completed auto route and hiking trails off Peach Road. The new auto route and hiking trails go through wetlands restored in 2004. Area visitors will be able to enjoy this magnificent wetland come back to life. When visiting the area, remember to obey the following rules:

* The auto route and hiking trails are open one-half hour before sunrise to one-half hour after sunset.

* Dogs are prohibited on the wildlife area except during authorized hunting seasons (Dog training is allowed on the area west of foothill August 1 until the first authorized hunting season).

* Weapons are prohibited except during authorized hunting seasons.

Spring time wildlife viewing is excellent this year. Antelope can be seen between

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