GRANT COUNTY - Because of hazardous burning conditions that have developed across the area, the Grant County Fire Defense Board hereby prohibits open burning in all areas of Grant County, which are under the burning protection of City or Rural Fire Protection Districts.

• All outside open burning is prohibited.

• Burning of burn barrels is prohibited.

• Gas barbecues are permitted.

• Briquette type barbecues which are used in a well-cleared, irrigated area are permitted.

• Fireworks are NOT permitted.

• Agricultural burning and special events, such as pit BBQs may only be permitted if authorized by your local fire chief on a one-time, special basis.

This action is necessary because of extremely dry conditions and forecasted further drying and hot temperatures, along with the continued possibility of lightning and human-caused fires. Local Fire Department's resources are quickly depleted once a fire develops and funds, as well as personnel and equipment, are in short supply. Many of the local firefighters are already committed to forest and range firefighting.

We would like to thank those of you who have secured burning barrel permits and complied with the conditions of that permit. We will once again allow burning of burn barrels, with proper permits, as soon as conditions allow.

Thank you for your cooperation in this matter. For further information, contact your local city hall or fire chief.

For information about restrictions in other areas of Grant County, contact the Oregon Department of Forestry, Bureau Of Land Management or U.S. Forest Service.

Areas in restriction

City of Prairie City, Prairie City Rural Fire District

City of Mt. Vernon, Mt. Vernon Rural Fire District

City of John Day, John Day Rural Fire District

City of Canyon City

City of Seneca

City of Long Creek

City of Monument

City of Dayville

City of Granite

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