PRAIRIE CITY - The teams came to town fired up for a game and the Panthers were ready for them. The Panther girls dispatched two different opponents in the tournament they hosted Dec. 8-9.

In the first game on Dec. 8, the Prairie City girls pounced on Huntington early and never let up on their way to a 49-16 trouncing of the Locomotives.

In the next game against Harper, they were put to the test. The Panthers responded well, and edged the Hornets 37-33 for a 3-2 record on the season and some well earned praise from their head coach, Penny Black.

"I thought we played very well," said Black. "We have two seniors returning from last year, and another one who didn't play last year, so that gives us some experience."

The Panthers were led in scoring against Huntington by Mckenzie Purnell who had 12 points. Danielle Ricco and and Sherree Wright also helped out with 10 and nine points respectively.

In the Harper game, Danielle Ricco led the Panthers scoring 21 points and Bradi Voight had a solid game with seven assists and four steals.

The Prairie City boys split their two games at the tournament beating Huntington 58-37, and then falling the next day to Burnt River, 65-39.

Prairie City head coach Ryan Gerry weighed in on his team's performance.

"I didn't think we played up to our ability against Burnt River," said Gerry. "We get in a little foul trouble early on and we let it take us out of the game. We need to be mentally tougher."

The Panthers will get their chance to prove their toughness when they host the Monument/Dayville Tigers on Dec. 12 at 4 p.m.

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