MONUMENT - The Panther girls extended their win-streak to three games last week.

Prairie City beat Monument/Dayville 42-34 Friday, Jan. 30 and Ukiah 50-11 Saturday, Jan. 31. The Panthers hadn't won more than a single game in a row prior to their current streak. Prairie City is now in fifth place in the High Desert League(HDL) with a 7-4 record in the HDL and a 9-8 overall record.

The Panthers beat the Tigers 48-21 Friday, Jan. 9, but last week they couldn't build a lead against Monument/ Dayville as they did in their first meeting. The Tigers' tough defense kept the game close. The score was 13-10 going into halftime.

"We played really well on defense," Tiger coach James Retherford said. "Our press was working for us. I'm happy if we can keep ourselves in a game at halftime with our defense. We kind of relaxed it in the second half and that's when Prairie was able to score."

Prairie City came alive in the second half with a 21-point third quarter while holding Monument/Dayville to 11 points. The run extended the Panthers' lead to 13. Prairie City's Katie Cary had nine points in the third quarter alone. She led the team with 16 points in the game. Cary added 14 rebounds to earn a double-double.

The Panthers were strong in the post during the game. Skylar Fast and Kieley Williams had 12 rebounds in addition to Cary's 14.

"Kieley has been getting better and better," Prairie City coach Penny Black said. "She's got really good hands and is one of the girls that can really jump up there and grab the ball."

Shyanne Winters led the Tigers with 12 points in the game. Kaitlin Woosley had seven points, Samantha Boyer had six and Bianca Thomas had four.

Monument/Dayville was able to come back from the loss and beat Mitchell 53-19 Saturday, January 31. Winters had a season-high 30 points in the game and Woosley had 12 points.

The Tigers are now sitting in seventh place in the HDL with a 4-6 record. They are 6-8 overall this season.

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