JOHN DAY – Library patrons of all ages gathered last Saturday to celebrate their taste for reading – and for chili, cornbread, pie and home-baked bread.

For about two hours, the library was abuzz with music and laughter, as the adults tried their luck at musical bread walk, and the kids enjoyed their own version – a cookie walk – in the children’s book section.

Librarian Vicki Waters was thrilled with the turnout, and the results. The pie auction, ticket sales for the bread and cookie walks, and video sales brought in $1,189. The money will help buy equipment including a computer that will be used in the bookmobile, making book checkouts more useful and efficient.

The event also was the wrap-up for the Harney-Grant Million Page Challenge – with not such happy results. Grant County, which had been leading in weekly page totals, was edged by Harney County Library patrons in the final week. The tally was Harney, 680,717, to Grant, 604,182.

Still Waters was impressed with the individual results for Grant County’s readers. The top readers took home prizes purchased by the library or donated by businesses including Radio Shack and Flowers N More.

The top reader was Al Cummings, who received a Nook e-reader, to recognize his 28,100 pages. He was followed by John Aasness, who won $50 worth of books of his choosing, with 25,923 pages.

Following the top two were Dennis McKinnon, who received a $25 gift certificate; Margo White, an eagle carving; Sharon Kimberling, a label maker; Kathy McKinnon, a digital money counting jar; John Hoffman, a candy bouquet; Rick Thompson, a dry erase board; Donna Japp, a dry erase board; and Lois Terryberry, a candy bouquet.

Waters said the last prize would be delivered to Terryberry, who is 91 and lives at Valley View Retirement. She turned in a count of 11,444 pages to top the list of readers in Week 6, followed by Kathy McKinnon, with 9,066 pages, and Lenny Felt, with 8,948.

The earlier weekly winners were Hoffman, Cummings (twice), Aasness, and Barbara Clarke.

Library Advisory Board members and members of the nonprofit Grant County Library Foundation helped set up and run the activities, and community members and patrons donated baked goods.

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