PRAIRIE CITY - Here's a glance at scholarships and other honors received by graduating seniors at Prairie City High School.

John Day Elks Lodge number 1824 Annual Scholarship: Logan Bagett, first place - $2,000.

Elks Student of the Month: Lindy Black, Jason Jackson, Tiffany Sullens and Logan Bagett.

Elks Boy and Girl Students of the year: Logan Bagett and Lindy Black - $100.

Elks Most Valuable Student Scholarship: Lindy Black and Jason Jackson.

American Legion Award: Logan Bagett, Lindy Black.

Old West Federal Credit Union Scholarship: William Rockhill - $1,000.

National Rifle Association: Logan Bagett - $1,000.

Oregon State Employees Association (OSEA) chapter 173, Prairie City School District Classified Employees Scholarship: Justin Wright.

CNH Capital Scholarship: Lindy Black - $1,250.

Cecil and Kathleen Jackson Memorial Scholarship: Logan Bagett - $400.

Phil Ryan Memorial Award: Jacquelyn Keffer - $100.

Paul and Clara Beth Doe Scholarship: Jason Jackson - $500.

Blue Mountain Hospital District Scholarship: Danielle Smith and Tiffany Sullens -$500; Jason Jackson - $1,000.

Co-Gen Co. Scholarship: William Rockhill - $500.

Bank of Eastern Oregon Scholarship: Lindy Black - $500.

Anderson Perry and Associates Scholarship: William Rockhill and Logan Bagett - $250.

U.S. Army National Scholar Athlete Award: Lindy Black and Jason Jackson.

Prairie City Resources Scholarship: Danielle Smith, Tiffany Sullens, Jason Jackson, and William Rockhill - $500.

William R. Young Memorial Scholarship: Jason Jackson.

Rosa Ricco Buttedahl Scholarship: This year the scholarship was given to six continuing students and six graduating seniors. The graduating seniors are: William Rockhill, Danielle Smith, Jason Jackson, Tiffany Sullens, Lindy Black, and Logan Bagett.

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