PC to 'Dig Pink'

<I>The Eagle/Cheryl Hoefler</I><BR>Rachel Gray pushes the ball over the net for the Prairie City High School Lady Panthers in action last Saturday, Oct. 9, versus Huntington. Salona Mecham, No. 14, and Katie Cary, also focus. The Grant County team won the set 3-1.

PRAIRIE CITY - Everyone's invited to wear pink this Friday, Oct. 15. Prairie City High School girls varsity volleyball team will - as they hold a "Dig Pink" fund-raising event.

The event coincides with the Lady Panthers' game with the Adrian Lady Antelopes.

"Dig Pink" will raise money for the Side-Out Foundation, which funds breast cancer research.

"Let's make our homecoming game, the last game the seniors will play on our home court, have a meaning and a positive impact to help breast cancer research," said senior and team member Katie Cary, who is heading up the effort.

She has placed donation cans at six locations around Prairie City.

A donation can will also be set up at "Dig Pink." Baked goods and some other fund-raising will also take place at the event in the Prairie City School gym.

The varsity game is set to begin at 5 p.m.

"The seniors have wanted to do this for a couple of years," said Cary, who decided to take the initiative and give homecoming a substantial purpose.

To do this, Cary contacted the Side-Out Foundation and set things up.

With the theme "fighting breast cancer through the sport of volleyball," the foundation takes proceeds from the "Dig Pink" events, awarding the money as grants to medical research organizations and entities that provide support to breast cancer patients and their families.

For more, see side-out.org/.

"I'm a big supporter of breast cancer research," said Cary, who has had family members and friends affected by the disease.

For more information, call Katie Cary at Prairie City School, 541-820-3314.

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