County Court

Commissioner Sam Palmer, left, County Judge Scott Myers and Commissioner Jim Hamsher vote for the items on the agenda Sept. 25.

Plans have been approved to fund a project that will look into the fairgrounds around the John Day Community Garden and the area along the river.

Allison Field, the Grant County Economic Development director, requested $10,500 from Grant County on Sept. 25, which will go into a joint design project between the county and the city of John Day.

Econorthwest and Walker Macy will be conducting a two phase project which will focus on the entire fairgrounds, which will also include the properties that surround the community garden and along the river.

The first phase will create a business concept and site plan. The second phase will establish a vision for the future of the fairgrounds property and scope of work.

This two-phase project will cost $31,000 with $10,500 coming from the county general fund contingency, $15,500 from John Day and $5,000 from economic development. John Day will carry the contract for the design.

In other county court news:

• Grant County Court approved the renewal of the snow removal contract with Columbia Helicopters. The contract agreed to $76.50 an hour for removing snow on Grant County Road 24 and Baker County Road 520 in the Granite area.

• The second Community Development Block Grant budget revision and contracts for the environmental review and grant administration were approved for the Heart of Grant County’s domestic violence shelter. The final cost of the environmental review will be $18,000 instead of $10,000.

• The court approved the purchase of a $3,400 Brady BBP37 Label Printer for the road department. This device will aid the efforts to maximize compliance and safety, said road department employee Ryan Palmer.


Rudy Diaz is a reporter for the Blue Mountain Eagle. Contact him at or 541-575-0710.

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