Saturday, February 22

Interesting choice of venue

Corvallis police were dispatched to Harrison Bar and Grill for the report of someone selling drugs inside the bar. At the scene, someone pointed out Joseph Vito, 29, saying they witnessed him allegedly distribute a bag containing white powder or pills. When authorities contacted him, he was arrested for possession of a controlled substance, II and IV, tampering with physical evidence and unlawful possession of marijuana, less than one ounce.

Sunday, March 2

Throwing 'bows

Just after 1 a.m. someone reported a man bleeding outside a residence on Ninth Street. Multiple people told Corvallis police the man had been asked to leave the house several times, but after he refused, they had to physically escort him outside. Once outside, the man allegedly elbowed a window, causing him to bleed. The male admitted to drinking two shots of rum and didn't remember various parts of the night. He was eventually cited for criminal mischief II, criminal trespass II and minor-in-possession of alcohol.

Wednesday, March 3

A meal fit for a king

A 41-year-old male was cited for shoplifting II after allegedly stealing chicken strips and three cans of Hurricane malt liquor from the Safeway on Third Street. Corvallis police recovered the alcohol, but the chicken strips were nowhere to be found.

Sunday, March 9

A stunning arrest

Eric Harner, 31, was arrested after officers located him on Sycamore Avenue and knew he had several warrants. After making contact, Corvallis police also cited him for possession of methamphetamine and possession of a restricted weapon in the form of a stun gun.

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