Friday, February 28

They always get away with it on TV

An underage male was caught allegedly throwing a party at his parent's house while they were away on a business trip. Someone reported loud noise coming from the residence on Fairmont Drive. Corvallis police cited the male for unlawful amplified sound and loud noise, and then contacted his parents to explain the situation.

Saturday, March 1

That turn was a stumper

Corvallis police responded to a non-injury crash in which the vehicle was immobilized. The driver at the scene admitted to speeding while approaching the intersection of Kings Boulevard and Century Drive when he hit a curb. His vehicle then ran off the road and became stuck on a tree stump. He was cited for speeding.

Monday, March 3

Just out for a morning jog to therapy

Officers were driving through the Office Max parking lot just before 8 a.m. when they saw a male acting suspiciously. The male had his hood up, and when Corvallis police rolled by him, he allegedly covered his face with a scarf. As the officers approached, he immediately ran away. The male ran into Tai Physical Therapy on Circle Boulevard and tried to hide in a bathroom. The attempt failed, and he was last seen running north across Circle Boulevard.

Friday, March 7

Don Carlos would be troubled

A backpack was stolen from outside Impulse Bar and Grill around 12:28 a.m. Corvallis police took the report from the victim who had no idea who stole the bag. It contained a laptop, several batteries and a book titled "Teachings of Don Carlos."

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