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This was a week in politics when, as Sherlock Holmes might have said, a number of dogs did not bark - or if they did, most of us couldn't hear them.

Literary allusions aside, Governor Kitzhaber announced that he had negotiated an initiative truce between labor and management.

Those groups have made regular use of the state's initiative process and were well on their way to doing so again this year, but now they're backing off. Meanwhile, Republicans will be gathering at the Oregon coast for the 50th Dorchester conference, minus some conservatives who objected to the meeting's agenda.

And the 2014 session of the state legislature is winding down. Lots of stuff to chew on for our political guys, Bill and Jeff. Bill Lunch is OPB's Political Analyst. Jeff Mapes is the senior political reporter for The Oregonian

This story originally appeared on Oregon Public Broadcasting.

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