Posters make colorful pitch for peace

This poster by Christopher Wells, 13, of Prairie City placed third within Prairie City School.

JOHN DAY - The John Day-Canyon City Lions Club has announced the winners of this year's international peace poster contest. The theme for the poster, "Give peace a chance" was chosen by the International Lions Club. The posters are to be made on flat poster board using no words or numbers, the purpose is to portray the idea through pictures.

An estimated 60 posters were turned in by the Prairie City Grade School and Mt. Vernon Middle School, with students between 11 and 13 years old. Each school judged the posters and awarded first through third prize awards.

From the Mt. Vernon Middle School, Nick Piazza, 13, won first place, $25 cash prize and moved on to district competition, Kelsi Reyes, 13, won second place and $15 cash prize, and third place was awarded to Austin Brown along with $10 cash.

Prairie City chose Blake Purnell, 13, as first place, $25 cash and moved on to district competition, Caitlin Patton, 13, won second place and $15 cash and third place was given to Christopher Wells, 13, along with $10 cash.

Nick Piazza and Blake Purnell's posters will continue to district, state and international level. One grand prize winner and 23 merit award winners will be selected. The grand- prize includes a cash award of $2,500 and a trip for the winner and two family members to the awards presentation in New York City at the United Nations Assembly.

"It is obvious that these young people have strong ideas of what peace means to them and the Lions Club is proud that we are able to provide them the opportunity to share their views," said Anton Kodesh, chairman of the contest.

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