Prairie City welcomes new district ranger

Prairie City District Ranger Ed Guzman.

In an effort to further engage and inform the public of projects and activities being implemented on the ground for 2019, the Prairie City Ranger District has prepared a 2019 project implementation map that is posted online at, and available for viewing at the Prairie City Ranger District Office.

The district has completed NEPA for multiple large landscape project areas. This map will highlight and inform on the different types of integrated restoration occurring on the district, including prescribed burning, timber sales, thinning, tree planting, spring development, fence construction, stream and wet meadow restoration, aspen restoration, invasive plant treatment, recreation projects, road management and culvert replacements. The implementation of a project or activity refers to performing on-the-ground work on projects that have completed the planning phase. Annual maintenance that occurs on the district is not reflected on the 2019 implementation map.

In particular, the district would like to highlight restoration work occurring on the north end of the Summit Prairie area, approximately 14 miles southeast of Prairie City. This 38,000-acre Summit Creek Landscape Restoration Project, signed in 2017, is a multifaceted project integrating multiple types of work with the goal of restoration. This area is a biodiversity hotspot in the Blue Mountains. It houses a diversity of groundwater-dependent ecosystems (springs, fens, peatlands, and wet meadows), bull trout spawning and rearing habitat, wetland sensitive plant sites, aspen stands valuable for wildlife and a diversity of forested and non-forested upland habitat — all of which are in degraded states and in need of active restoration. Restoration activities currently taking place as part of this project include small-diameter thinning, slash treatments, aspen treatments, timber felling, wet meadow restoration and seeding. Several of these activities are directly adjacent to the heavily-used County Road 62.

Forest officials would also like to note that changes in funding levels and unforeseen resource issues can result in changes throughout the year.

For more information, contact Prairie City District Ranger Ed Guzman at 541-820-3801.


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