What a welcome and needed snow and rain we received this past week!

On Dec. 11, the early-morning set-up crew was Clayton Curtis, Buzz Harris and Marvin Casebeer. Buzz delivered 12 home meals and led the flag salute.

June Waldon and Ruth Johns greeted 40 diners.

Marvin announced that Christmas dinner will be served to the Prairie City seniors on Dec. 18 at the Strawberry Grange Hall. A pie dessert will top the meal. Dig out your best Christmas pie recipe, ladies.

The Prairie City Senior Site Council meeting was held Dec. 11 with the following persons in attendance: Georgeanne Williams, Grace Williams, Van Richards, Linda Stoltz and Barbara Thompson, a new director.

Helen Emmel gave the blessing, then helped Eula Mae Thompson, Marjorie Harris and Barbara Raines serve roast pork, mashed potatoes and gravy, tossed salad, corn, hot biscuits and pineapple upside-down cake.

Gift certificate winners were Georgeanne Williams, Prairie Drug and Village Florist; Barbara Reynolds, Branding Iron Cafe; Jim Lunzman, haircut at Mort's Barber Shop; and Clayton Curtis, Lunch Box Deli.

Those joining us from Blue Mountain Nursing Home included Sally Herberger, Virginia Hymer, Timmie Reusser, Hazel Carns and Mildred Benson. They were accompanied by Lorna Ashmead and Leslie Davis.

The clean-up crew included the servers, Buzz Harris and Sharon Kimberling. Cleo Dunten and Ruth Johns pre-washed silverware and we talked about Bonnie Lake and Naomi Goslin down in the sunshine! Marvin Casebeer and Ottis Garrett cleaned the hall. Thanks to all.

After the Dec. 18 meal, the senior center will be closed until Jan. 8. See you in the New Year.

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