Nov. 10 turned from just cloudy to rainy, then low clouds along with being wet. So it was dark early, too dark to read. Strange after several days of sunny weather.

Buzz Harris, Jim Howard, Ottis Garrett and Amos Cardwell got six tables ready early. Eula Thompson greeted 38 who arrived to enjoy spaghetti, green salad, toasted garlic bread and cake. Buzz delivered five meals and one left by another means. I wondered if two to three names were first-timers.

The flag salute was led by Jim Howard and Helen Emmel gave the blessing.

Gift certificates were awarded to: Doris Kelsey, Lunch Box Deli; Vivian Rookstool, Prairie Drug and Hardware; and Bill McMann, Mort's Barber Shop.

Lorna Askew and Trish Coburn brought Rita Morris, Pam Emery, Lola Crabtree and Sim Hendrix from the Blue Mountain Nursing Home.

Announcements were: Nov. 17, Prairie City senior lunch will be Thanksgiving (ham) and birthdays of November honored. Bring a pie if you want dessert. Nov. 11, a community veterans' potluck was held at 6 p.m. honoring veterans, firefighters, police and emergency medical teams. Nov. 13, Bob Willey's memorial was at 1 p.m. at the John Day Methodist Church.

Today's servers were Carolyn Bird, Helen Emmel, Eula Thompson and Marjorie Harris. Thanks gals for helping me.

Also thanks to those helping clean up the hall, Cleo Dunten, Pam and Jim Howard, Billy Drinkwater and Ottis Garrett and in the kitchen, Louise LaBaugh and Buzz Harris, along with the servers.

How many elk are being shot? I understand some are out there looking for one. Good luck hunters as you may need it to get close enough to shoot.

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