The early morning set-up crew on Oct. 15 was Amos Cardwell, Buzz Harris, Carl Johns and Marvin Casebeer, who prepared the tables for our noontime meal. Buzz delivered five home meals. Later, Carl led the flag salute and Amos gave a humorous reading.

Gift certificate winners were Bill McMunn, haircut at Mort's Barber Shop; Jean Kline, $5 from Prairie Drug and Hardware; Barbara Reynolds, Lunch Box Deli; and Vivian Rookstool, The Little Diner.

First-timer was T.A. Harris from Prairie City.

Joining us from Blue Mountain Nursing Home were Mildred Benson, Cal Suksdorf, Ruth White, Ruby Dow and Sally Herburger accompanied by Christy Cary and Shawna Morin.

Jack Viggers gave the blessing.

Grace Chapel members, Beverly Curtis, Vivian Rookstool and Louise LaBaugh served delicious spaghetti with meat sauce, tossed lettuce salad, grilled French bread and chocolate cake with white icing.

Helping in the kitchen after lunch were Carl Johns and Buzz and Marjorie Harris. Naomi Goslin, Helen Cardwell and Cleo Dunten pre-washed silverware, while Marvin Casebeer, Hank Goslin and Ottis Garrett cleaned the dining hall tables and floors.

There has been a lot of talk about fall, but I recently heard someone say, "Winter is right around the corner!"

Thank you to everyone who volunteers. Attend our next luncheon which will be served on Wednesday, Oct. 22, at noon.

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