PRAIRIE CITY - Today Marvin, Ottis, Buzz and Amos prepared seven tables. There were six meals delivered and 58 came to enjoy a picnic lunch of hot dogs, potato salad, baked beans, coleslaw, sauerkraut, ice cream and cake.

Our servers were Louise Labaugh, Vivian Rookstool, Lou Thoemke and Marjorie Harris. Later Helen Cardwell helped me with the leftovers.

The flag salute was led by Marvin and the blessing was given by Billy.

From the nursing home Lorna and Jaime brought Lou Tacy, Lola Crabtree and Bea Johnson.

The certificates - Bar WB to Cleo Dunten, Prairie Drug and Hardware to Marjorie Harris, Mort's Barber Shop to Bob Wright.

We had several guests from everywhere. Zalava and Benjamin Doris of Wichita, Kan., Amos and Helen Cardwell's grandchildren, and Kristen Miller was with her grandmother Louise. The farthest away was Poland as Lynn Larssen of Seneca brought Agnieszka Wichary, Marianie Badziak and Ewa Gorecka. Later they were to go out to Helen Emmel's.

They are not the only travelers. The Howards are visiting in Wyoming to see a grandchild for the first time. Cardwells are going to the coast with their grandkids. We are joining my 27 nieces and nephews and their kids (if they have kids) near La Croise, Wash.

Over the Fourth weekend we were surprised to have Eileen Harris of Newberg and Joanne Fletcher from Baker City with us.

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