Nov. 17 was a sunny, but sort of cool day that had Marvin Casebeer, Amos Cardwell, Ottis Garrett and Jim Howard getting eight tables ready as this was a combination dinner for birthdays and Thanksgiving. Eula Thompson had the honor again of greeting 52 guests who came to enjoy the food while Buzz Harris barely arrived in time to deliver seven take-out meals. Marvin led the flag salute and Helen Emmel gave the blessing.

Sharon Kimberling, Elaine Kight and Luella Simrell from Grace Chapel and Helen Emmel were our servers today of ham, mashed potatoes and gravy, green beans, rolls and a salad of mixed veggies and shrimp - imitation whatever fish (good). There were lots of desserts and not all pies, and you could go pick your choice of any or all. The birthday table had the birthday cake, if you could talk them out of a piece.

Lorna Askew and Leslie Davis brought Pam Emery, Sim Hendrix, Lou Tacy, Mildred Brown and Lola Crabtree from the Blue Mountain Nursing Home. I hope they enjoyed the dinner.

Gift certificates were won by: Pam Howard, Prairie Drug and Hardware; Jim McGee, Lunch Box Deli; Jim Lunzman, Mort's Barber Shop; and at the birthday table, Barbara Reynolds and Doris Kelsay lost the drawing to Buzz Harris from Huffman's. I understand that Gene Jennings' birthday is in November also.

The cleaning up of the hall was by Ruth Johns, Pam and Jim Howard, Cleo Dunten, Billy Drinkwater, Marvin Casebeer and Ottis Garrett. The servers, Louise LaBaugh, Buzz Harris and Helen Cardwell helped in the kitchen. I hope you weren't listening to them teasing each other - including me.

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