Did the locals enjoy the thunderstorms (lightning, too) and rain we had last week every evening? The sky Wednesday evening over east Strawberry Mountain was beautiful - I needed a camera.

Amos Cardwell, Marvin Casebeer, Daniel Harris and Jim Howard were the ones setting up the tables early. Buzz delivered eight take-outs. The blessing was given by Ruth Johns. Welcome back! Amos read "Terrorist Alert." It was announced that if the People Mover is not used between Prairie City and John Day, we may lose it. I think that it runs on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Call (541) 575-2370 and save gas and wear and tear on your car and self.

Dorothy and Vonnie Blasing, Marguerite Hood and Carla Wright were our servers today. We had chicken, rolls, green beans, green salad, mashed spuds and light gravy. The birthday cake was angel food cake, and chocolate cake was prepared by Gene and Edna Jennings - as usual.

Seven Valley View members joined us. Blue Mountain Nursing guests were: Sim Hendrix, Mildred Benson, Pam Emery and Rita Morris, and they were escorted by Lorna Askew and Leslie Davis.

Gift certificates were won by: Marvin Casebeer, Mort's Barbershop; Geraldine Johnson, Strawberry Salon; Barbara Reynolds, Lunch Box Deli; and Ruby Oliver, Prairie Drug and Hardware.

Birthday table winner for Huffman's was Pearl Owens. (That should make her 90 something.)

Again, thanks to all the helpers cleaning up and putting away. I did know Bill Palmer had his hands in the silverware pans, as he beat me leaving the table.

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