The June 18 Grange Hall lunch fed 53 diners. Our faithful set-up crew of Amos Cardwell, Clayton Curtis, Buzz Harris, Carl Johns and Marvin Casebeer set up the tables and later had to set up another one ... we like to have to do that. Buzz delivered nine home meals.

Ruth Johns greeted folks at the reception desk. It was nice to have the folks stay from their earlier meeting.

Marvin Casebeer led the flag salute, and Ruth Johns gave the blessing.

Servers were ladies from Grace Chapel: Beverly Curtis, Verna Clark and Helen Cardwell. Others helping after lunch were Buzz and Marjorie Harris and Carl Johns. We enjoyed meat loaf, mashed potatoes and gravy, corn, orange jello salad with veggies, wheat rolls and upside-down cake. Bonnie Lake and Cleo Dunten did their usual job of prewashing the silverware. Amos Cardwell, Clayton Curtis, Hank Goslin, Ottis Garrett, and Marvin Casebeer cleaned up the hall.

Cal Suksdorf, Ruby Dow, Sally Herberger, Virginia Hymer, Clifford Dukes and Rita Morris, joined us from the Blue Mountain Nursing Home, accompanied by Christy Cary and Shawna Morin. We enjoyed a visit with Nadine Bradley and two grandchildren from Long Creek who were at our table.

Beverly Curtis won a gift certificate from Prairie Drug; Linda Stoltz a certificate from Lunch Box Deli; Barbara Reynolds $5 for a meal at The Branding Iron Cafe; and Del Lake received a free haircut at Mort's Barber Shop.

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