We've been back into warm weather again! Makes the gardens grow!

On Aug. 14, June Waldon and Ruth Johns greeted 40 folks at the reception desk. I sit and visit with June every Wednesday and I'd like to tell you a bit about her. She is an amazing senior citizen. She sometimes goes to the piano and plays hymns all from memory. She was born in Missouri June 4, 1909. June had five sisters and four brothers. In 1930, she married Manford Waldon and in 1931 moved to Oregon. They have two children, Max Waldon and Barbara Raines. She has been busy this summer helping Barbara can.

There are lots of interesting people who come to Senior Citizens. In the days ahead, we hope to tell you about many of them; better yet, come and meet them.

First-timer was Peggy Watterson. From Blue Mountain Nursing Home, Lorna Ashmead and Shawna Morin brought Slim Williams, Timmie Reusser, Betty Paschen and Virginia Hymer.

Early in the morning, Amos Cardwell, Clayton Curtis, Buzz Harris, Carl Johns and Marvin Casebeer set up the tables. Buzz made 11 home deliveries.

Bob Kowing led the flag salute and Ruth Johns gave the blessing.

Home Extension ladies Marjorie Harris, Eula Thompson, Ruth McPherren and Barbara Raines served fish patties, mashed potatoes, gravy, lettuce salad, carrots and red fruited jello with whipped topping.

Helen Bogart announced an upcoming trip to Winnemucca, Nevada in October. Contact Helen for details.

Gift certificates went to four lucky people: Paul McPherron, haircut from Mort's Barber Shop; Ruth Johns, Prairie Drug; Barbara Reynolds, Branding Iron; and Cleo Dunten, Lunch Box Deli.

Clean-up was done by the servers. Bonnie Lake and Naomi Goslin pre-washed the dishes. Buzz Harris and Carl Johns claimed the kitchen. Del Lake, Carl Leishman, Ottis Garrett, Hank Goslin and Marvin Casebeer swept floors and washed tables. Lots of hands make it a short job soon done.

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