Feb. 9 began very cool but by 10 a.m. it was warmer.Ottis G., Marvin C., Buzz H. and Amos C. were up early to prepare 6 tables. Four take-outs were delivered by Buzz. Eula T. greeted 40 who came to partake of beans, ham, green salad, cornbread and chocolate cake.

Marvin led the flag salute and Ruth Johns gave the blessing, after she read a funny story.

Servers and workers were Marguerite Hood, Helen Emmel, Marjorie Harris, Helen Cardwell and Eula Thompson. They had to make quick work in the kitchen after lunch, to get out before the gals doing the funeral dinner for the Kimball family took over. As usual Louise LaBaugh helped Edna and Gene Jennings in the kitchen.

We received a letter from Del and Bonnie Lake in Yuma, Ariz. They reported Hank Goslin is doing well.

Did Jim Lunzman become one year older?

Welcome back, Marvin McConnell and Hazel Wood.

Lola Crabtree, George Clark, Bea Johnson and Lou Tacy were brought from the Blue Mountain Nursing Home by Jonie Jones and Lorna Askew.

Cleaning the hall was also short work because of the funeral dinner later.

Since so many readers from far off places, such as Drewsey, want names to know if one is OK, here goes.

Marvin C. and Cleo Dunten washed tables, Pam Howard prewashed silverware, Ottis G., Billy D. and Jim H. swept up cornbread pieces.

We have birthdays, Abraham Lincoln and George Washington, and Valentine's Day to honor this month.

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