This rainy morning Amos C., Jim H., Marvin C., and Buzz H. set up eight tables as a birthday Wednesday. Buzz delivered six meals. Eula T. greeted 49 attending. Flag salute was led by Marvin and the blessing was given by Helen Emmel.

No nursing home residents today. Of the 13 from John Day area I am not sure how many beyond three were Valley View residents.

We had three guests from far away. From Portland, Nelda Kimberling Schuylers and Terrie K. Casey. Nelda is looking up her distant relatives as well as old school friends. Ronny Drinkwater came from Seattle. Morgan Immoos accompanied her grandmother, Lana Abarr.

Our servers were Louise L., Lana A., Vivian R., and Sarolta Sperry. Fried chicken, mashed potatoes and light gravy, whole corn, mixed green salad, rolls, sliced sweet peppers (mixed), vanilla ice cream and chocolate cake with chocolate frosting on the birthday table was our menu prepared by Edna and Gene Jennings.

Gift certificates: Prairie Drug and Hardware, Candy Makela; Strawberry Salon, Ruth Johns; Lunch Box Deli, Edna Howard; and Mort's Barbershop, Don Porter. Mel Rookstool was the lucky one at the birthday table as he won Huffman's certificate.

I saw Bill Palmer prewashing silverware. Can't he enjoy just eating and visiting? I'm assuming Cleo D. and Marvin did the table washing as usual. The floor?

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