The August birthday people with whom we celebrated on Aug. 28 included Chuck Bartley, Donna Edmunson and Edna Rettie who won the $10 gift certificate from Huffman's Select Market.

Donna Edmunson is a long-time resident of Prairie City. She attended first through eighth grade at the Bates School, then the Howard family moved to Prairie City where she graduated and married Bud Edmunson in 1931. They have four children, Randi, Lanni, Tom and Toni, nine grandchildren, four great-grandchildren and five step great-grandchildren. Donna's mother is Marie Howard and her sisters are Marva and Sandra. Her brother, Jack, lives at Forest Grove. Her hobbies are golfing and handicrafts.

Set-up crew Amos Cardwell, Clayton Curtis, Buzz Harris, Carl Johns and Marvin Casebeer did their usual job of preparing tables for us. Buzz delivered 10 home meals. Ruth Johns gave the blessing.

June Waldon arrived early and played the piano, then June and Ruth Johns welcomed 46 diners.

Marvin led the flag salute and announced there would be a potluck in honor of the firefighters.

Linda Stoltz was a first-time attendee.

Keith Casebeer, Sarolta Sperry, Louise La Baugh and Elaine Kight served oven baked chicken, mashed potatoes and gravy, whole kernel corn, tossed green salad, rolls and cake and ice cream. Edna made angel food cake for the birthday table.

The servers helped clean up along with Buzz and Marjorie Harris; Carl Johns worked in the kitchen. Naomi Goslin and Cleo Dunten pre-washed dishes and silverware. Carl Leishman, Hank Goslin, Ottis Garrett and Marvin Casebeer cleaned the hall.

Winners of the gift certificates included: Ottis Garrett, Branding Iron Cafe; Helen Cardwell, Strawberry Salon; Hank Goslin, Mort's Barber Shop; Edna Rettie, Prairie Drug and Hardware.  

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