The early morn' crew setting up had Marvin Casebeer, Buzz Harris, Amos Cardwell, and Ottis Garrett getting tables ready. Not sure if it is all work or part gab session. A total of 10 meals were takeouts.

Attending to eat spaghetti, green salad, garlic bread and spice cake were 50 people. Ruth Casebeer, Lana Abarr, Sarolta Sperry, Elaine Kight and Louise LaBaugh were our servers.

Blue Mountain Nursing Home attendees were Pam Emery, Rita Morris, Mildred Benson and Sim Hendrix. Lorna Askew and Trish Coburn were with them.

Flag salute was led by Buzz Harris and Billy Drinkwater gave the blessing.

Gift certificate winners were: Amos Cardwell, Mort's Barbershop; Louise LaBaugh, Prairie Drug and Hardware; and Cleo Dunten, Lunch Box Deli.

Would you believe that you hear complaints about our temperatures of 80s to 90s that we are having. Seems unusual for June.

Thanks to all who help clean up, though I don't know who. Also, thanks to all the senior ladies who made cookies for the marathon relay runners, their family and helpers. They looked good enough to snatch one of each. We three, who prepared spuds, etc., had a good time serving the gang of runners and all, but of course tired when finished.

One interesting remark by one boy (runner) to another, "This is home-cooked food!"

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