March 30, was another typical March day - windy, some sun, a few snowflakes or sleet. Does this mean the old saying is true? "If March comes in like a lamb, it goes out like a lion?"

Amos C., Buzz H., Jim H., Marvin C., and Ottis G., were again the early birds preparing seven tables for today's meal. We had eight meals delivered and 54 attended this birthday dinner.

From Mt. Vernon, John Day and Canyon City came 15 guests.

No announcements were made and we had no guests from the Blue Mountain Nursing Home. First-timers were Paul and Carol Knopp. I'm not sure if Frank and Earlene Durant have been here before.

Marvin Casebeer led the flag salute and Marguerite Hood gave the blessing. Today's servers were Dorothy Blasing, Vonnie Blasing, Helen Emmel and Marguerite Hood.

Our meal consisted of ham, mashed potatoes, gravy, mixed veggie salad, whole corn, rolls, ice cream and chocolate cake. The birthday table got their angel food cake.

Jim Howard won the birthday table gift certificate from Huffman's Select Market. Duane Cheadle won the certificate from Mort's Barber Shop and Bob McCauley won from Prairie Drug and Hardware.

Are all the snowbirds home now? No. Del and Bonnie Lake came home with grapefruit and lemons to share. If you did not get one, your fault.

As usual, Del and Bonnie pitched in and helped Pam Howard, Cleo Dunten, Marvin C., Jim H., Ottis G. and whomever else, clean the tables and the Hall. Louise La Baugh, Eula Thompson and Helen Cardwell helped in the kitchen afterward.

I appreciate all the help I get, taking care of the leftover food. Thanks to all.

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