PRAIRIE CITY - Nov. 19, 2008. One turkey day meal and some are home from hunting.

Marvin, Ottis and Buzz prepared eight tables early this morning. By starting time, two more tables were prepared by the servers. We had 76 sign in with Eula Thompson to eat the Thanksgiving dinner of roasted turkey, dressing, mashed potatoes, gravy, cranberry sauce, rolls, a variety of salads or relish plate, and pies made and/or bought by those attending. There were five meals delivered.

Marvin was back at the microphone. Amos Cardwell led the flag salute. The blessing was given by Pastor Dave Hoeffner from Prairie Baptist Church who also made an announcement about the Thanksgiving dinner at the Teen Center on Thursday, Nov. 27. There is no senior meal Wednesday, Nov. 26.

The Prairie Drug and Hardware certificate was won by Ruth Casebeer. Randy Oxford won the Huffman's Select certificate which is drawn at the birthday table, but he and Dave Kline weren't at the table.

Our servers from Grace Chapel were short in number. Sharon Kimberling and Barbara Bass came, but Beverly Curtis went to see the doctor in Bend. So Pam Howard and Marlene Woodley were asked the help. I had volunteered to help, too.

We had many who had been here some time ago. Bruce and Gloria Blume from Alaska and Arizona joined her mother, Stella and Bob McCauley as they are enroute south.

Others I have not seen before at the Prairie City seniors meal were Tim Cooley, Dan and Karen Benson and their boys. Benson is the pastor at the Prairie City and John Day Methodist churches.

Lorna Askew and Patty Johns brought Carolyn Trujillo (formerly of Monument), Wally Wedde, Hazel Moorman, Daphne Andrews, LaVerne Matteson and Joyce Morton from the nursing home.

Thanks to all who helped clear or clean the dining area: Leone Wenzel, Helen Cardwell, Ottis Garrett, Jim Howard, Bob McCauley, police chief Randy Oxford and many others.

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