PRAIRIE CITY - Well, no one took pity on me and my computer problem, so here we go one more time on the Smith-Corona.

All the people who didn't show up last week appeared today! And they brought others with them, too, to the tune of 49 diners and 10 take-outs. Alright! I like those numbers.

First-timers included former Prairie City-ite Terry Steele and his wife, Kay. They even brought some fruit from their home up in the Ritter area. There was some discussion as to the kind of fruit it was - plums or prunes - but they were sure good.

Another couple were John Aasness and his daughter, Diane, representing the Ranch and Rodeo Museum. County clerk candidate Andrea Officer also put in an appearance.

Our delicious meal included orange juice, cucumbers (I bet they were procured from someone's garden), pot roast, potatoes, carrots and gravy to pour over it all. I used it on the rolls, too. Bread pudding was enjoyed for dessert.

Our servers today were Lou Thoemke, Louise LaBaugh, Pam Howard and Vivian Rookstool.

The $5 gift certificate donated by Prairie Drug and Hardware was awarded to Del Lake.

The usual set-up crew, flag salute and blessing people did their usual bang-up jobs. Then we have the clean-up crew: Marvin washes the table cloths; Billy and Del move the chairs so Jim can sweep; Bonnie and Buzz take care of the silverware before it goes into the dishwasher; and the servers and Marj get the dishes all emptied, stacked and into the dishwasher.

Meanwhile, the counting crew is trying to keep their dollars and cents straight, while Leone deciphers the signatures written in the registration book.

In this era of phone texting, Facebook and Twitter, it is so much fun to sit at the table and listen to real live conversation about the events and people of the past.

To wit: Larry Wright and Greg Brown were having a good time discussing their respective jobs at lumber mills. Larry worked for Edward Hines and others for 46-1/2 years, so he has lots of stories to tell.

Apology to Blue Mountain Nursing Home. You were there, but in the heat of battle to get the deposit done and get to John Day by 2 p.m., I forgot to get the names of those attending. So sorry. Lorna: You can put the names in at this point when you read the column to them. Ahem.

More problems: My old Hot Point dishwasher is having control issues. Don't know why; it's only 42 years old.

Job 11:5,6 - Oh, how I wish that ... he would ... disclose to you the secrets of wisdom, for true wisdom has two sides.

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