PRAIRIE CITY - May 9, 2007, had only three guys preparing the six tables for lunch. Later we had 47 attending.

There were three meals delivered and after lunch one was picked up.

Marvin led the flag salute to get us started and Amos Cardwell gave the blessing.

We had sliced ham, mashed 'tatoes, gravy, green beans, green salad with tomatoes and imitation crab or clam, rolls, and cake prepared by Gene and Edna Jennings, as usual, but I never saw Gene. Edna sent him home early as he was sick. I hope others do not get whatever he had, as I was not feeling so well by 2:30 p.m., but I think a cup of ginger tea and lemon juice calmed my inners.

Rose Gray, Ruth McPherron, Jean Kline and I were the servers and worked in the kitchen. Louise LaBaugh and Lou Thoemke pitched in and helped briefly. Louise had always helped with dishes, etc., coming out of the dishwasher.

Pam and Bonnie Lake were the silverware washers, so Cleo was back helping was the tables. The floors? Probably Jim did it all.

Lorna Askew and Patty Jones brought Gladys Hopper, Nestle Davis, Vern Randall and Gene Emery from the nursing home.

Prairie Drug and Hardware certificate went to Buzz Harris.. Do the numbers need to be stirred more? We do not usually win.

Thanks Barbara R. and Helen Cardwell for helping me after lunch.

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