PRAIRIE CITY - We have a new helper at the registration desk; Pam Howard is our "greeter," just like at Walmart. And she greeted 33 diners. Wonder where everybody was? Oh well; more for us.

Jim and Ruth had seven take-outs.

Our usual crew handled the early morning set up. But it was a pick-up crew for serving: Vivian, Lou and Marj.

Today, Wednesday, Sept. 29, was birthday celebration day and boy, did we have a celebration! There were five at that table: Norma Rynearson, Nancy Viggers, Eula Thompson, Vivian Rookstool and Louise LaBaugh.

And the winner of the $10 gift certificate from Huffman's Select Market was Vivian. Lou Thoemke got the Prairie Drug and Hardware one.

Chairman Marvin asked for a moment of silence in memory of the last surviving charter member of our group. Cleo Dunten passed away early Tuesday morning at our home.

Marvin Hatfield asked the blessing and we all "fell to." We had Buzz and Marj's beets and cabbage for the coleslaw, Helen's apples for the applesauce, grape juice, deviled eggs, baked potatoes, oven-fried chicken, rolls and, would you believe it, banana split for dessert again.

By the way, if you have a special diet restriction, Iva and Helen will do their utmost to prepare a meal that you can eat. Just ask Ruth McPherren.

Lorna and Kellyn only brought two from Blue Mountain Nursing Home: Daphne Andrews and LaVerne Matteson.

Report from the Howards on their trip to the Redwoods: When you park your vehicle next to one of those trees, it looks like a Matchbox toy!

Since fall fell (that's a joke, people), I picked the peas for the last time and pulled up the vines. Made creamed spuds and peas. A fitting end to the summer garden. On to the carrot harvest.

I had a tough time writing this column because my computer refused to talk to the printer. I contemplated writing it in pen and ink, but my handwriting is not all that great. So, I used Mom's electric typewriter. What a difference. At least it does have a correcting feature on it. Whew.

When we went to Baker and La Grande Friday, we found out that the people who paved our road must have worked on the freeway, too. Those long bumps get very interesting at the 65 mph speed limit. What a relief to get to the concrete part.

Went to the Quilt and Art Show, and was blown away by the artwork of Ruth McPherren and Olive Stites. And Nadia Schultz's quilts are fantastic. But none of them were for sale.

Job 10:12 You gave me life and showed me kindness, and in your providence watched over my spirit.

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