PRAIRIE CITY - Feb. 25, 2009. This morning Marvin C. and Buzz H. did the preparing of the seven tables for the 57 who checked in later with Eula Thompson to eat the meal of chicken breasts, mashed potatoes, orange jello salad, rolls, carrots and peas, tapioca pudding and cookies. The birthday table had their angel food cake.

We did need the eighth table. We had seven meals delivered one way or another.

The flag salute was led by Buzz Harris. Later, Marvin Hatfield gave the blessing.

The Main Street Hair Company certificate went to Dennis Reynolds. Amos Cardwell won the Huffman's Select certificate and Elaine Tucker took the Prairie Drug and Hardware certificate.

Our servers were Louise LaBaugh, Vivian Rookstool, Pam Howard and Lana Abarr.

Lorna Askew and Andi Klenski brought Del Taynton, Vern Randall, Stacy McKinney, Ellen Madson and Frieda Ratliff from the nursing home.

If you have never been in the fairgrounds pavilion when it was full of people, you should have been there last Saturday evening, Feb. 21. Besides that, many Grant County residents were at the basketball tournament in John Day to watch Crane win first place in both the boys and girls divisions.

Sunday, Feb. 22, we went to Nampa and Boise and I could not believe all the snow on the ground between Brogan and Vale. Especially since we had snow only where piled on the north and east sides of buildings where it had piled up. That is nearly all gone today.

Thursday - I should not have said the above sentence! It snowed enough this morning to look white.

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