PRAIRIE CITY - Feb. 10: This morning is a repeat of who prepared the tables. Marvin, Jim, Derrol and Bruce prepared six tables, but it must have been known that Iva and Helen had a valentine dinner of stuffed pork chops, baked potatoes, spinach salad, rolls, pickled beets and a dessert called "North Dakota Salad."

I know it is four layers, and it was made with chocolate today.

There were 71 names on the book, of which five were for meals delivered by Ruth Casebeer and Jim Howard. Two meals were picked up. We had seven high school kids join us unannounced.

The flag salute was led by Buzz Harris. The blessing was given by Helen Emmel.

The Prairie Drug and Hardware certificate went to Lois Bidasolo. "Happy birthday" was sung by all to Jimmy Lunzman.

A reminder that the "55-Alive" or "Drive Safely" classes are Tuesday and Wednesday, Feb. 23 and 24.

Our servers were Jean Kline, Vonnie Blasing, Carolyn Bird and myself, but we had help from Dennis Reynolds and Helen Emmel. Pam Howard prewashed the silverware.

Blue Mountain Nursing Home had Marilyn McKern, Daphne Andrews, LaVerne Matteson, Hazel Moorman and Joyce Morton, who were brought by Lorna Askew and Kellyn DeRosier.

Ira Franklin and his grandfather, Gerald Franklin, came after a long, long absence, so you could say they were almost first timers.

Are you missing some dishes you left after a potluck dinner or funeral dinner? Some are still here at the Strawberry Grange and some in the hall at Prairie Baptist Church.

I hope people are in a better mood next week.

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