Prairie City Seniors: 5.4.11

Rose Coombs

PRAIRIE CITY – “In your Easter Bonnet, with all the snow upon it”....

Honestly! Hopefully by the time you read this, the weather will be more seasonable. You know, sunshine, blue skies, warm temperatures. 

By the way, did you enjoy the three days of spring we had in April? Son Bert and family came over for Easter. It was nice the day they came and nice the day they left. In between was blowing snow. Welcome to Eastern Oregon!

People keep asking me when to plant their garden. Now you know why I don’t even think about it until Memorial Day. The poor old pear tree has been trying to bloom for a month, but it’s been too cold. The tulips and narcissus are up, but the leaves on the corn lily transplants are not as green as they should be. And the little live Christmas tree I planted last spring winter killed. So much for the farm report ...

The Food Bank brought over more applesauce and refried beans. New and returning faces belonged to Dave and Rose Gray, Norma Rynearson (recovering well from knee surgery) and Nadine Smith, back from Arizona. Good to see all of you.

This was April-birthday-recognition day. Our celebrants included Helen Cardwell, Bonnie Lake, Bruce Kaufman, and Marvin and Ruth Casebeer. Bruce Kaufman won the $10 in trade from Huffman’s Market.

The usual crew did the set up and helped with clean up after dinner. Our servers were Lou Thoemke, Vivian Rookstool, Lana Abarr and Pam Howard. We had seven take-outs and 46 diners on site. And Dennis Reynolds forgot to sign in again. Tsk, tsk. 

Marvin Casebeer and Marvin Hatfield led the flag salute and asked the blessing respectively ... and respectfully. The gift certificate donated by Prairie Drug and Hardware was awarded to Billy Drinkwater.

The Blue Mountain Nursing Home ladies, Lorna and Kellyn, brought Laverne Matteson, Daphne Andrews, Ruth Garrison and Marilyn McKern.

For our after-Easter-birthday meal, we had something different: spaghetti and meat sauce along with grapes, grape juice, beets, green salad, rolls and a dish of ice cream. Helen even came around with a bottle of chocolate syrup if you wanted some on your ice cream.

I have a message to all from Wally Wedde: “I just want to let the loving and caring friends in Prairie City know that I am moving to John Day. Since I am totally dependent on the people mover to get myself to any place of interest, I had to make that choice. I am sorry to have to leave Prairie City, but my door will always be open to anyone who wants to visit. Hello, John Day. I would like to introduce myself and reach out in friendship. Sincerely, Wally Wedde (Ingo’s mom).”

How about a “ponderable”? Why isn’t there mouse-flavored cat food? And this one: “Only in America do they have drive-up ATM machines with braille lettering.”

Prov. 20:18 “Make plans by seeking advice.”

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