PRAIRIE CITY – So much for the snow. Now we have to navigate between mud puddles and patches of ice.

 Wally Wedde was finally able to get out of her home and down the sidewalk to the center today. We thought she should attach a snowplow blade to her motorized wheelchair. That way, she could break through the berm that the snowplows leave on the sidewalk when they plow the roads. She thought about studded tires, but they would be kind of hard on the carpet.

 Only three regulars to do the set up this morning: Buzz, Bruce and Marvin. Ruth and Bruce delivered six meals and 45 came to visit and show off their Christmas finery.

 Helen Bogart had her hat, Ruby Oliver had her earrings and Norma Rynearson had her red hat jacket. So, find something appropriate to wear and come next time!

 Our servers did not know that they would be serving until they got here today. But being the good volunteers that they are, they just did it! Good job, Carolyn Bird, Bonnie Lake, Lois Bidasolo and ever-helpin’ Marj Harris.

 The gift certificate donated by Prairie Drug and Hardware (now if you want to see Christmas “decorationing,” just wander in there!) was awarded to Gene Van Newkirk. The flag salute was led by chairman Marvin, and Bob McCauley asked the blessing.

 Norma assisted Eula at the registration desk and then she and Carla Wright helped me later. Carla asked if I was going to deposit the money; I told her, “No ... I took it home to live on!”

 I think maybe she ate too much dessert: pumpkin rum cake.

 Before we got to the dessert, we had pineapple juice, pickled beets, orange slices and spinach leaf salad, mashed potatoes and cream gravy, meat loaf and a biscuit. It’s three hours later and I’m still stuffed.

 Former resident Susan Munyon and her granddaughter, Jaycee, stopped by to visit with Dorothy Blasing and others. The Blue Mountain Nursing Home ladies Lorna and Kellyn arrived with Elmer and Lois Terryberry, Stacy McKinney and LaVerne Matteson. Long-time-no-see-ers were Charlie and Ruby Oliver.

 Valley View sent Carol Johns, Myrtha Fields, Frances Starkey and another one that my eye skipped over, I think. Twila Combs and Harry Smith also were in attendance.

 Marvin, Del, Larry and Billy got the hall cleaned while the ladies and Buzz worked in the kitchen. Norma reported that Leone had called from the 70-degree range in Nevada. They weren’t missing the snow at all.

 As you anticipate the Christmas season, remember:

 Luke 12:15 Take heed and beware of covetousness, for one’s life does not consist in the abundance of the things he possesses.

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