PRAIRIE CITY - Bob McCauley got his wish today: We had spaghetti.

I even brought my bib, but I let Wally Wedde use it, because she had on such a beautiful outfit and we didn't want to let it get stained.

In addition to the main course, we 48 diners also had home-grown beets from Buzz and Marjorie Harris' garden, orange Jell-O with orange slices in it, garlic bread and carrot cake for dessert.

We started out with fall-colored tablecovers and flowers, too. Our usual four fellows did the set up; the servers were Tim Cooley and the Kimberling bunch, Sharon, Mike and Rosalie.

The Marvins did the flag salute and the blessing. You can figure out which one did what. Jim and Ruth had 10 (count 'em, 10!) take outs.

The gift certificate donated by Prairie Drug and Hardware went to Rosalie Kimberling. Jim Howard was awarded the one donated by Chuck's Little Diner.

And by the way, if you have received one of those handy-dandy certificates, please make use of it. Don't take it home and throw it on the counter or in the junk drawer. If you can't use it, give it to someone who can, or we won't have any more certificates and that would be a shame.

The Blue Mountain Nursing Home gals, Lorna and Kellyn, brought Lois and Elmer Terryberry (found out that that name is from England), Marilyn McKern and Ruth Garrison.

When Marvin asked if anyone had anything else to say, Nancy Viggers fairly flew up the aisle to tell us about her 80th birthday celebration.

Old friends from Seneca took her for an airplane ride last Sunday. They flew from John Day to Baker City and circled several points of interest in between. Many happy returns, Nancy!

Billy Drinkwater had his own table today. Gary Jacobson, Jean Greear, and Ron and Carolyn Drinkwater joined him.

And Billy had quite a tale to tell about his black eye. Some tried to embellish it, but it just wouldn't wash.

The black eye, which was actually red, should really be colorful by next week.

Ezekiel 45:9 - You have gone far enough ... Give up your violence and oppression and do what is just and right.

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