PRAIRIE CITY - As I sit down to write this missive, my stomach is still complaining because I ate too much of Iva and Helen's wonderful dinner. But it was so good!

The 46 of us enjoyed apple juice, cantaloupe pieces, tossed salad, chicken pot pit served over a toasted half bun, and a sticky bun for dessert. Yumety, yum, yum.

We had 10 take-outs, most of which were delivered by Marvin and Ruth Casebeer.

The set-up crew had to used their alternate this morning; Jim and Pam Howard are off on a trip to see the redwoods, so Derrol Coombs was delegated to help.

Our ever-lovin' servers were Lou Thoemke, Lana Abarr, Vivian Rookstool and Louise LaBaugh.

The flag salute was led by Buzz Harris, and Marvin Hatfield asked the blessing. The gift certificate donated by Prairie Drug and Hardware was awarded to Bruce Kaufman.

The Blue Mountain Nursing Home ladies, Lorna and Kellyn, brought Stacey McKinney, Paul Crawford, Daphne Andrews and LaVerne Matteson.

The Hatfield's guest was Georgie's brother from Springfield, Dareld Brown.

Other first-timers were Mary and Greg Brown (no relation, I presume), and their handyman, Jason Wright and his wife, Amanda. Jason is Carla Wright's son. She also came to dinner. Larry stopped in earlier to check on the menu. Too many vegetables to suit him.

I'm really disappointed in Billy Drinkwater's black eye. It's practically all gone! He said that it was because he was such a tough ol' cowboy. I can believe that!

Apparently, falling out of bed and hitting the nightstand doesn't wreak as much havoc as falling from an upright position and hitting the floor.

If you haven't noticed, the fall season has begun and the harvest moon is in evidence. But it is still five weeks until darn silly time is done with. Christmas is only 93 days away, too.

Ezekiel 47:12 By the river ... will grow all kind of trees for food. Their leaves will no wither and their fruit will not fail ...

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