PRAIRIE CITY – My, that was an interesting weekend, wasn’t it? Just goes to show you that Mother Nature is still in charge. 

Did you ever hear the old cliché that one snowflake doesn’t think it is responsible for an avalanche? And one raindrop does not make a flood. Reminds us just how powerful water can be.

So our handy-dandy snowplow operator appeared again to clear the parking area at the Strawberry Grange Hall. Thanks so much. We had at least four inches.

All our usual set-up crew were back in action this morning: Marvin, Bruce, Buzz and Jim. Our servers were the Kimberling crew: Sharon, Mike and Rosalie, and Mayor Tim Cooley. 

Buzz led the flag salute and Marvin Hatfield asked the blessing. We had a moment of silence in memory of Barbara Reynolds who passed away this morning, Wednesday, Jan. 19.

The gift certificates went to Jim Howard, Prairie Drug and Hardware, and Eula Thompson, Chuck’s Little Diner.

Jim and Ruth had six deliveries and Helen had one pick-up in the take-out department. Eula and Pam signed in 42 attendees today. Still missing a few faces...

Had to get my bib out of the finance box today. We had spaghetti and garlic bread, green Jell-O and cucumbers, spinach salad, green beans, an assortment of juices, and for dessert – ta da – cinnamon rolls by Iva Gill. Oh yummy, yummy.

The ladies from Blue Mountain Nursing Home, Kellyn and Lorna, brought Stacey McKinney, Daphne Andrews and LaVerne Matteson.

The Prairie City Food Bank sent over some more rice and canned soups. The grange ladies have decorated for the next holiday: Valentine’s Day. It is less than a month away, so better get crackin’.

Heard another dog story: These little canines know when it is Senior meal day. They have to stay home, so they get an animal cracker as a treat when the humans leave. And just so the humans won’t forget, they sit by the door in begging mode. How do they know?

The cataract surgery is healing fine. Just waiting for the swelling to go down so they can do the exam for my new glasses. Maybe I won’t have to have more than one pair! I have had ones for regular, dark, music and computer for the past 10 years. For sunglasses now I’m wearing the little plastic roll-up thing that the optometrist gives you when they dilate your eyes. Looks kind of Star Trekky.

Galatians 5:13 – “For you were called to freedom, brothers ... but through love serve one another.”

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