PRAIRIE CITY - July 22, 2009. What a day (for me)! The set up crew had a change as Buzz, Ottis and Marjorie prepared the tables. I may have been a headache to the guys.

Since the Casebeers were camping with others over on the Middle Fork of the John Day River and Rose Coombs had disappeared from Grant County, I did the book work and asked others to do the talking.

Tim Cooley ran the microphone when we got it to work. Didn't know Buzz had it all ready.

Marvin Hatfield gave the blessing. Buzz delivered eight meals and 51 came. Wally Wedde came from Blue Mountain Nursing Home.

Verla Kohrman won the Prairie Drug and Hardware certificate.

We had nine from Monument and Long Creek join us today. Hope they enjoyed their trip, the food and visiting.

The meal consisted of chicken, potatoes, gravy, tossed salad, jello, rolls and apricot upside-down cake.

The servers were Louise LaBaugh, Vivian Rookstool, Helen Emmel and Pam Howard.

Helen Bogart had a grandson and his wife join her and Eula Thompson. I was told he was Jim and Susan Kirkwood's son.

Larry Wright was dressed up! Tim had Larry stand and show his tuxedo T-shirt. It really looked real.

Sandi Rennels brought some pie cherries to share. They disappeared.

The Strawberry Grange is selling raffle tickets so they can put a new sidewalk out front. The one there is falling apart from too much salt used when frozen water or snow is on it. They tell me cat litter works as good.

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