PRAIRIE CITY - What a beautiful day in our Grant County paradise! Derrol is mowing the lawn, probably for the last time. The pears are dropping off the tree for bird food; some become food before they drop off.

We have this tradition: Step out the back door and holler, "Whoopee." We like to do that after we have returned from some big city. The yearlings get a big kick out of it.

I had another one of those meals that I've never had before today: beef Stroganoff. Yummy, yummy. To complement it was a broccoli, cauliflower and raisin salad, orange-mango juice, deviled eggs and rolls.

Iva commented that I didn't have to pick out to much, only the olives and mushrooms.

Then Helen made her North Dakota Salad, and if you think it is a salad, then let me set you straight. The bottom crust has pecans in it, then comes the cream cheese and coconut layer. Next is a pistachio and Cool Whip layer, topped with more Cool Whip. And it's all sugar-free! That was the dessert, in case you couldn't guess.

The setter-uppers were Marvin, Bruce and Buzz. The nine take-outs were delivered by Ruth and Jim. The servers were Amos Cardwell, Buzz and Marjorie Harris, and Barbara Bass. Marvin Casebeer led the flag salute and Pastor Marvin Hatfield asked the blessing.

The gift certificate donated by Prairie Drug and Hardware was awarded to Jean Greear.

Valley View Assisted Living Facility had a good outing today. First, they went to the DeWitt Museum at Depot Park, then to the Strawberry Grange Hall for dinner. They even had a birthday girl, to whom we sang "Happy Birthday"; Frances Starkey was 82 today.

Others on the bus from Valley View were Rose Anna King, Carol Johns, Myrtha Fields, Diane Brown and Mary Ann Osborne. They were under the care of Sue Smith and driver Kim Ausland. Pearl Coombs came by way of her daughter Lana Abarr.

Infrequent visitors were cousin Al Fisk and his wife, Diane, from Sequim, Wash. This will be the last time this year for them, I suppose.

The clean-up crew included Bonnie Lake on silverware, Marvin with his bleach water can and cloth, and Jim with his broom. Bob Meador moved chairs.

Bruce Kaufman took his son up to the trout farm to fish. They abandoned the worms they brought for bait in favor of the abundant supply of grasshoppers at the site. Even then, at least one large fish turned up his nose at the wiggling insect. Bruce collected so many grasshoppers that he hurt his back.

Brought a computer for Wally to look at. Asked her if she had found anything. "I don't know ... I can't understand what I'm reading," she said. Which developed into a discussion about smart phones and their ilk.

And if you can't operate your electronic equipment, just call on a 10-year-old.

Job 13:5 - If only you would be altogether silent! For you, that would be wisdom.

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