PRAIRIE CITY - March 25, 2009. Are you interested in our weather? How about all these mornings of looking at snow and rain falling but the ground does not stay white long!

This morning, the three guys were up early to prepare the tables for the 37 who signed in to eat the meal of baked chicken breast, whole corn, macaroni salad, rolls, the birthday cake, lemon pound cake (like cupcakes with a hole in the bottom) and ice cream. There were five meals delivered before lunch and two meals taken later.

The flag salute was led by Buzz Harris. Marvin Hatfield gave the blessing.

Certificate winners were Derrol Coombs, Prairie Drug and Hardware; Olive Stites, Main Street Hair Company; and James (Jim) Howard, Huffman's Select, as he was the only birthday admitted in March.

Our servers were Louise LaBaugh, Vivian Rookstool and Pam Howard.

Jim and Pam Howard had their two granddaughters, Samantha and Kaitlyn Howard with them. Color books and crayons kept them busy and quiet.

From Blue Mountain Nursing Home, Lorna Askew and Trish Coburn brought Joyce Morton, Hazel Moorman and Wally Wedde who were brave enough to come out in the light rain.

Chief Randy Oxford had two ladies today - Jean and Jessie Oxford - his wife and his mother.

How many households went to bed early Tuesday evening or used the old-fashioned lamps and kerosene when the power went out at 8:20 p.m. and stayed out for 2 1/2 hours?

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