JOHN DAY - Where can you hear a harmonica recital, a report on Bernoulli's Principle of Flight, a history report on Native Americans, a demonstration of the principles of flotation and displacement, and presentation of inspiring poetry - all on the same day and in the same place?

Kids from preschool through eighth grade offered all that and more at the March 3 meeting of the Grant County Christian Homeschoolers.

The group, consisting of 18 local homeschool families, meets on the first Monday of each month from September through June. Each gathering features a guest speaker, field trip, student presentations, or hands-on activities for the more than 45 children who attend on a regular basis.

The March 3 event was one of three "presentation days" held each school year, at the meetings in December, March, and June. The events offer a chance for homeschool students to present science projects, history reports, poetry recitals, memory verses, musical pieces, and various oral reports. Students also display exhibits that they have created.

"This is a great opportunity for the kids to practice their public speaking skills and to gain confidence in presenting or performing before a crowd," said Kielee Mosely, co-coordinator of the organization. "It is amazing to see how the kids' confidence and presentation skills have grown since we started doing these presentation days back in 2006."

When the group gathered at the John Day Church of the Nazarene this month, the students demonstrated a wide range of interests and talent. Twenty-two children ranging in age from 4 to 14 presented to an audience of over 50 peers, parents, grandparents, and friends.

The day concluded with an hour of free play for the kids as well as fellowship and planning for the homeschooling mothers.

The group's next event, on April 7, will cover fire prevention. It will include a field trip to the fire department and a guest speaker who will demonstrate fire safety concepts. On May 5, the scheduled topic will be fossils, and the final event of the school year, a "Presentation Day" and year-end party, will be on June 2.

For more information on the Grant County Christian Homeschoolers, contact Kielee Mosely at 575-1432, Angie Johnson at 932-4292, or Misty McKinley at 932-4859.

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