Race for mayor tied in Prairie

Judi McNellis delivers the ballot box from Mt. Vernon to the county clerk's office Nov. 2. The Eagle/Scott Mallory

GRANT COUNTY - The vote is in the mail - maybe.

The race for mayor of Prairie City ended in a tie, according to unofficial results of the Nov. 2 election released Nov. 5 by County Clerk Kathy McKinnon.

Paul Woodworth and Jim Hamsher, both write-in candidates, each received 125 votes. Linda Harrington, the only candidate whose name appeared on the ballot, received 109 votes.

"I thought it was kind of funny that it ended up tied," Woodworth said.

With 4,234 county votes counted, and other races showing a winner, there was the possibility that ballots cast from out of the county could determine the next mayor of Prairie City.

McKinnon received one of those ballots Nov. 8, but it was for the John Day precinct.

These absentee ballots are valid up to the eighth day after the election, which means a tie-breaker could still be in the mail, but McKinnon didn't figure it would happen that way.

"I think we have all of them," McKinnon said.

If that's the case, then the next mayor of Prairie City will be determined by lot, which means a coin flip by McKinnon or a draw for high card, or some other game of chance between the two candidates.

"A coin flip is as good as any," Woodworth said.

Hamsher, who runs the blackjack table on weekends at The Outpost Pub & Grill in John Day, would choose to draw high card, but he'd rather there be a runoff election.

A runoff would give the 109 people who voted for Harrington a chance to place another vote, and would give the winner a clear mandate, he said.

"A coin flip is OK to see who kicks and receives, but not to pick leaders of a community," Hamsher said.

The best thing about the tie, Hamsher said, is it shows that everybody's vote does count.

"One vote could have turned the election," he said.

Woodworth, 80, a former Prairie City police chief, was elected to the City Council during the 1970s, when he also served twice as mayor.

Friends talked him into running, he said, but he had been thinking about having a voice in how the city fixes its ailing water system and the way it chooses the next police chief.

Hamsher, 39, a Prairie City native, has been a City Councilman for nearly two years.

"If I'm going to serve, I'd just as soon be mayor, because you can move things along faster, particularly the water project," Hamsher said.

Hamsher is a divorced father of two children, Vanessa, 10, and Trever, 14. He works as a carpenter and breaks horses.

On Friday, Woodworth was at Roberts Creek helping his son, Kenneth, set up elk camp.

"I didn't get a tag this year," Woodworth said.

The two write-in candidates ran low-key campaigns. Woodworth put ads in the Eagle and placed five signs around town. Hamsher posted some signs and put fliers in restaurants.

The "by lot" provision of the state's election law is for elections in which someone other than the secretary of state is the election officer. In Prairie City's case, that would be McKinnon.

The two men have to agree on a method and then do it somewhere public before Jan. 1.

It will be luck that settles the city's mayoral race, not skill, so a paint-ball battle between Hamsher and Woodworth, as one resident suggested at City Hall, can't be considered.

No one's suggested Russian roulette, "and that's good," Hamsher said.

Also in Prairie City, two candidates for City Council moved out of town. John Kadela, who received 176 votes, moved to Colorado before the election, and Bill Harrington, who received 167 votes, took a job in Ontario.

That's two empty seats, and if Hamsher becomes mayor, there will be three positions that will be filled without an election.

In January, when Kadela and Harrington would have taken their Council seats, the mayor - whoever that may be - and the other councilmembers will appoint people to the Council.

The county's voting results were delayed nearly a week because the county's two electronic ballot-counting machines went on the fritz on election night and kept rejecting ballots.

The final votes, including most of the ones from the John Day district, were counted by hand.

The malfunctioning equipment meant that Walt and Agnes Hall saw more they bargained for when they signed on as official election observers.

"Kathy McKinnon and her election crew showed professionalism and integrity even during frustrating difficulties with malfunctioning counting equipment," Walt Hall said. "The people of Grant County can feel assured knowing that honest and competent people conducted this ballot counting."

An estimated 85 percent of the the county's registered voters, including 400 new voters, marked ballots this year. This compares to an 82 percent turnout in 2000.

Statewide, 1,774,199 people cast ballots. That's nearly 83 percent of the number of registered voters.

2004 Election Unofficial Results

Ballots counted: 99%

Grant County

Transient Room Tax

(Changes from flat fee to percentage)

Yes: 2,175

No: 1,445

Amending Seneca's City Charter

Yes: 75

No: 25


Scott Myers (incumbent), 2,462 votes

Terry Sowa, 1,070

Public Forest Commission

Dave Traylor (#1), 2,635

Donald Strong (#2), 2,582

Tad Houpt (#3), 2,456

Roger McKinley (#4), 2,604

Arleight Isley (#5), 2,486

Mike Smith (#6), 2,439

Royce Dotson (#7), 1,858

B. A. Trowbridge (#8), 2,597

L. J. Pete Baucum (#9), 2,768

Judge Court of Appeals

Darleen Ortega, 2,768


Kathy McKinnon, 2,983 (unopposed)


Kathy Smith, 2,821 (unopposed)


Glenn Palmer, 2,549

Steve McGuire (write-in), 868

John Day City Council

(Vote for three)

Charles Mills, 385

Bob Quinton, 400

Jack Grubbs, 521

Leslie Lindley, 606

Canyon City Mayor

Don Mooney, 237 (unopposed)

Canyon City City Council

(Vote for two)

Bill Supulski, 131

Ken Ivers, 223

Seneca City Council

(Vote for two)

Michael McManus, 50

Robert Browning, 75

Warren Wilson, 78

Mt. Vernon Mayor

Dennis Bradley, 420

Mt. Vernon City Council

(Vote for two)

Raymond Stegman, 164

Andy Anderson, 266

Denell Wise, 280

Prairie City Mayor

Linda Harrington, 109

Paul Woodworth (write-in), 125

Jim Hamsher (write-in), 125

Prairie City City Council

(Vote for three)

Bill Harrington, 167

John Kadela, 176

Roger McKinley, 319

Granite Mayor

Patricia Fielding, 19

Fred Corbin, 27

Granite City Council

(Vote for two)

Michael Heroff, 15

Mitch Fielding, 18

Mike Hammer (write-in), 23

Paul Schnitzer, 27

Monument City Council


Carol Hyder (#1), 42

Lois Groves (#2), 49

Ken "Ormand" Lesley (#3), 45

Jeremy Boyer (#4), 47

Charles Shutz (#5), 48

Dayville Mayor

Robert Waltenberg, 57

Dayville City Council


Dana Brooks (#1), 56

Skip Inscore (#2), 52

Long Creek Mayor

Dale Martin, 52

Cliff Smith, 63

Long Creek City Council #1

Stacie Witt, 36

LaVelle Holmes (write-in), 63

Long Creek City Council #2

Charissa Hixenbaugh (write-in), 49

Grant Co. Soil and Water


Rick Henslee (Zone 2), 2,270

Pat Voigt (Zone 3), 2,287

Phil St. Clair (At Large), 2,161

Monument Soil and Water


Don McCarty (Zone 2), 162

Robert Cockrell (At Large), 173


Libertarian (L) - Michael Badnarik / Richard V. Campagna6,907 .39%

Republican (R, incumbent (i)) - George W. Bush / Dick Cheney 830,517, 47.33%

Pacific Green (PG) - David Cobb / Patricia La Marche 5,009 .29%

Democratic (D) - John F. Kerry / John Edwards 899,056 51.23%

Constitution (C) - Michael Anthony Peroutka / Chuck Baldwin 4,992 .28%

Write-in Votes 8,392 .48%

Total 1,754,873

Grant County: Libertarian, 25 votes; Republican, 2,469; Pacific Green, 5; Democratic, 624; Constitution, 17.

Election results by county available at http://egov.sos.state.or.us/results/

United States Senator

David Brownlow, C 11,697 .69%

Dan Fitzgerald, L 27,830 1.63%

Teresa Keane, PG 40,271 2.36%

Al King, R 541,135 31.77%

Ron Wyden, D(i) 1,080,832 63.46%

Write-in Votes 1,395 .08%

Total 1,703,160

Grant County: Libertarian, 44 votes; Republican, 1,471; Pacific Green, 34; Democratic, 1,434; Consitution, 41.

Representative In Congress, 1st District

Goli Ameri, R 130,779 38.21%

Dean Wolf, C 13,394 3.91%

David Wu, D(i) 196,664 57.45%

Write-in Votes 1,458 .43%

Total 342,295

Representative In Congress, 2nd District

Jack Alan Brown, Jr., C 3,919 1.16%

Jim Lindsay, L 4,590 1.36%

John C. McColgan 86,240 25.57%

Greg Walden, R(i) 241,962 71.74%

Write-in Votes 585 .17%

Total 337,296

Grant County: Libertarian, 41 votes; Republican, 2,530; Democratic, 405; Constitution, 46.

Representative In Congress, 3rd District

Earl Blumenauer, D (i) 233,705 71.06%

Walter F. Brown, Socialist 9,891 3.01%

Tami Mars, R 77,555 23.58%

Dale Winegarden, C 6,661 2.03%

Write-in Votes 1,056 .32%

Total 328,868


Representative In Congress, 4th District

Jacob Boone, L 3,014 .84%

Peter A. DeFazio, D(i) 219,271 60.80%

Jim Feldkamp, R 136,269 37.78%

Michael Paul Marsh, C 1,701 .47%

Write-in Votes 405 .11%

Total 360,660


Representative In Congress, 5th District

Joseph H. Bitz, C 2,674 .82%

Jerry Defoe, L 5,855 1.79%

Darlene Hooley, D(i) 173,252 53.00%

Jim Zupancic, R 144,743 44.28%

Write-in Votes 337 .10%

Total 326,861


Secretary Of State

Bill Bradbury, D(i) 958,537 57.13%

Betsy L. Close, R 661,926 39.45%

Richard Morley, L 53,595 3.19%

Write-in Votes 3,625 .22%

Total 1,677,683

Grant County: Libertarian, 102 votes; Republican, 1,788; Democratic, 1,038.

State Treasurer

Jeff Caton, R 660,183 40.95%

Randall Edwards, D(i) 852,530 52.89%

Mitch Shults, L 49,898 3.10%

Carole D. Winegarden,C 47,334 2.94%

Write-in Votes 2,100 .13%

Total 1,612,045

Grant County: Libertarian, 81 votes; Republican, 1,738; Democratic, 917; Constitution, 100.

Attorney General

Paul Connolly, R 655,937 40.23%

Richard D. Hake, C 15,293 .94%

Hardy Myers, D(i) 896,392 54.98%

Donald G. Smith, Jr., L60,862 3.73%

Write-in Votes 1,839 .11%

Total 1,630,323

Grant County: Libertarian, 96 votes; Republican, 1,806; Democratic, 945.

State Senator, 30th District

Ted Ferrioli R(i) 37,421 98.56%

Write-in Votes 546 1.44%

Total 37,967

Grant County: 2,684 (98% of votes counted)

State Representative, 59th District

John H. Dallum, R(i) 14,141 57.75%

Jack E. Lorts, D 10,316 42.13%

Write-in Votes 31 .13%

Total 24,488

Grant County: Dallum, 1,801 (72%); Lorts, 671 (27%)

Measure No. 31 (Passed)

Amends constitution: Authorizes postponement of election when nominee dies.

Yes Votes 1,075,001 65.58%

No Votes 564,103 34.42%

Total 1,639,104

Grant County: Yes, 2,060; No, 1,558

Measure No. 32 (Passed)

Amends constitution: Deletes reference to mobile homes from provision dealing with taxes and fees on motor vehicles.

Yes Votes 1,005,520 61.40%

No Votes 632,036 38.60%

Total 1,637,556

Grant County: Yes, 2,011; No, 1,650

Measure No. 33 (Failed)

Amends medical marijuana act: Requires dispensaries; raises patients' possession limit.

Yes Votes 725,535 42.47%

No Votes 982,901 57.53%

Total 1,708,436-

Grant County: Yes, 1,147; No, 2,564

Measure No. 34 (Failed)

Requires balancing timber production, conservation in state forests; specifically addresses the Tillamook and Clatsop state forests.

Yes Votes 625,706 37.99%

No Votes 1,021,245 62.01%

Total 1,646,951

Grant County: Yes, 723; No, 2,927

Measure No. 35 (Failed)

Amends constitution: Limits noneconomic damages for patient injuries caused by medical malpractice.

Yes Votes 835,111 49.40%

No Votes 855,439 50.60%

Total 1,690,550

Grant County: Yes, 2,167; No, 1,544

Measure No. 36 (Passed)

Amends contitution: Only marriage between one man, one woman is legally recognized as marriage.

Yes Votes 987,274 56.84%

No Votes 749,651 43.16%

Total 1,736,925

Grant County: Yes, 2,815; No, 909

Measure No. 37 (Passed)

Governments must pay owners or forego enforcement when certain land-use restrictions reduce property value.

Yes Votes 1,007,677 60.48%

No Votes 658,409 39.52%

Total 1,666,086

Grant County: Yes, 2,569; No,1,065

Measure No. 38 (Failed)

Abolishes SAIF; state must reinsure, satisfy SAIF's obligations; dedicates proceeds, potential surplus

to public purposes.

Yes Votes 641,297 39.16%

No Votes 996,540 60.84%

Total 1,637,837

Grant County: Yes, 1,190; No, 2,434



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