Raise your hand if you're a Pro

<I>The Eagle/Luke Johnson</I><BR>Logan Titus won both matches by pinning his opponents Dec. 2 at the Grant Union Kick Off tournament.

JOHN DAY - Chris Boyer, a junior at Grant Union High School, was ready when his name was called as one of the first wrestlers in the Grant Union gym Dec.2. He shook his opponents hand and then promptly pinned him in one minute and 26 seconds. While many onlookers were very impressed, Boyer took it all in stride.

"That was okay," said Boyer, "but my fastest time for a pin was 15 seconds, as a freshman."

That time of 15 seconds might make 1:26 look mundane, but a win is a win, and Grant Union had a lot of them. Time and again the referees raised the Prospectors hands signifying them as the winner of over 63 percent of all the matches at the tournament.

The Prospectors have some serious talent this season and they used this to win 21 out of 33 matches they competed in.

The Prospectors are led by two returning seniors who were both undefeated Saturday.

Logan Titus is currently ranked fourth in the state and kept up his winning ways by pinning his opponents in the two matches he competed in. Aaron Humbird wrestled four times, and he too won all of his matches with pins. Another standout performance was from junior Ian Mcleod, who pinned all four of his opponents.

The Prospectors had 12 wresters participating in the tournament and five of those went undefeated.

The tournament matched Grant Union against Pine Eagle and LaPine. Two other schools, Union and Irrigon, were also invited, but were unable to show due to scheduling conflicts.

Grant Union head coach Dave Naibert was happy with the way the event went off and thought the competition was great for much of his younger wrestlers.

"It was good for our younger guys to get this kind of experience," said Naibert. " It was good to have these schools here. Pine Eagle always has a strong team and LaPine will be good this year as well."

The tournament set Grant Union up to have another winning season on the mats as they have every year since 2001.

"The first year I was here we went 91-91 for the season," said Naibert. "Every year since then we've had a winning record."

Last year the Prospectors finished the season with a 175-115 record and would love to improve on that this year.

There was a large, noisy crowd that watched the tournament. This could be the only opportunity many local fans will get to see their wrestlers this year as this is their only home tournament for the season.

The Prospectors were happy for the support at the tournament and Naibert also commended his wrestlers on their effort.

"I thought they did well," said Naibert. " We have some real good kids this year. They're just good people and they're easy to coach and be around."

The next challenge on deck for Naibert and his Grant Union squad will be a trip to Nyssa for a tournament there Dec. 8-9.

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