On a crisp October day dinner is a very important function. The family attitude towards food is one of distinct interest. If the domestic exchequer has felt the strain of the times (and what one has not?), catering for a hungry household becomes a matter of careful calculation. In the following menu the calculation of cost and calories has been done expertly.

Roast Loin of Pork 99¢

Potatoes Roasted in Pan 8¢

Tomatoes and Corn with Chili 20¢

Cabbage and Apple Salad 20¢

Whole Wheat Muffins 15¢

Deep Dish Blackberry Pie 32¢

Demi-Tasse 5¢

Tomatoes and Corn with Chili: Saute one 8-ounce can whole kernel corn in one tablespoon butter for five minutes; add one No. 2 can tomatoes, one-fourth teaspoon chili powder, salt and pepper; simmer for five minutes longer.

Deep Dish Blackberry Pie: Mix three tablespoons flour, six tablespoons sugar; add one No. 2 or three 8-ounce cans blackberries. Pour into buttered baking dish. Cover with thin sheet of pastry made of one cup flour, one-third cup shortening, one-half teaspoon salt and ice water. Trim edges, press onto edge of baking dish with prongs of fork. Cut several slits in middle to to let steam escape. Bake for about ten minutes in hot - 450° - oven, then lower to 350°, and continue twenty-five minutes. Serve cold.

- Sept. 23, 1932, Blue Mountain Eagle

Small Talkies Gossip you can Repeat

Attorney John Biggs was here from Burns Tuesday. In many respects Burns is in very good shape this winter and has not the emergency unemployment they had during other winters. People do not expect help and so they hustle. The emergency fund was lost when the bank closed, and realizing that the charitable fund was submerged and sunk with the bank they do not rely on public help.

- 1935, Blue Mountain Eagle

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